Best Screen Scraping Tools 2017

Top Screen Scraping Tools: With the vast usage of laptops and computers, we have become completely dependent on them for almost everything in the world. Even we have our crucial data scattered in different locations because of these computers, with some of them lying in the home based machine while some of it lying in office. At times, we fall into those difficult situations when we want to have access to data stored in other machines. In such a scenario, one single tool which emerges for our help is screen scraping tool.

What is Screen Scraping Tool?

You must have important files or documents stored on the computer back at home. In order to assist users, access crucial data of one the machine on another an advanced technical way has been invented which is known as Screen Scraping Tool. With the help of this tool, one can capture data from the screen of the source computer to a device in order to carry forward the work. Hence users can simply copy a large amount of data from the screen of one device to another and carry on with their work without any interruption.

1. Screen Scraper

Screen ScraperOne of the most basic screen scraping tools is Scraper that can be used by any non-coder or techie. With the help of this, users can select a particular point on the screen and then select Scraper from the browser to extract or copy the information directly into Google Docs or Excel as per one’s choice. Once the information has been copied, they are all set to have access and start working on the same.

Download Screen Scraper

2. Kimono Labs

Kimono LabsThis is another useful tool to scrap URL which can then be copied on website or browser on simply be saved into your database of the computer or a laptop. With this tool, one can paste only one URL at a time. For this time-saving tool, you need to install Kimono Browser bookmark and also highlight the page elements you wish to scrap. Once this has been done, it will automatically download it into your storage section all available for your use.

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Import.ioThis web scraping tool is easy to access, which means any technical or non-technical person can use it in no matter of time and that without any hassle. While using this, users can scrap a large amount of website data by following a simple step by step procedure provided on the tool. Moreover, one can even convert the data on the website into the table for future access.


4. FiveFilters

Five FiltersThis online web scraper tool is highly useful for those looking to scrap quite a lengthy data from their device like articles, blogs, Wikipedia entries, news articles or anything else. It is easy to use tool that enables you to easily do content extraction without wasting any time. For speedy extraction of full-text data, this tool is the most preferred one.  Plus, one can even transfer the extracted data directly into the cloud without using the internal storage capacity of the device.

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5. Mozenda

MozendaIt is one of the fastest apps which facilitate users to scrap or extract data using Mozenda tool. It features point and click method that scraps the data in a go. Moreover, the data can be directly stored in the cloud, enabling users to easily manage and make the most out of it.

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