Best Running Apps for iPhone 7 2017

Running Apps for iPhone 7: One of the easiest ways to shed those extra kilos from your body are by incorporating a daily 30 minutes running habit in your schedule. Besides, health benefits, running also helps to improve your mood and build your stamina. If you like to run on a treadmill, more often than not you will get all the necessary details to track your distance covered and speed but you won’t be able to do so while running in an open area.

Luckily enough, your iPhone can be very useful in this regard. With the help of many iOS Apps, you can easily track your running information. Here are the best apps to do so:

Adidas Train & Run

Adidas Train & Run App for iphone

This app is your own personalized training and running assistant. It helps to keep a check on your training methods and all manage your workout schedules. The app tracks all your daily workout activities and when paired with fitness device helps to provide you with a detailed report about your running speed and distance. You can also keep a view on your running history while the app also manages to measure and sense your pulse and heart rate.


Endomondo App for iphone 7

One of the finest running apps ever made for your iPhone is Endomondo. The app is very easy to use with its simple interface. With over 40+ different workout activities included in the app, you can easily track all the records about your daily running activity on the app. The inbuilt audio coach will guide you to reach your different goals. The app also provides you with seamless social integration to check how your friends are doing in comparison to you.


Runtastic app for iPhone 7

If you are tired of using a basic running app and are on the lookout for some more, then this is the app specifically designed for you. With an elegant app interface, you can easily track all your running activity information and saved them into a log for later viewing. The inbuilt coach audio helps to guide you through different running challenges. Other brilliant features include Powersong (music player attached to app interface to play your own songs).


Strava App for iphone 7

If you are on the lookout for challenges and want to compete with other running enthusiast, Strava is a must have app for you. The app fulfills the basic requirements of tracking of your speed and calories burnt besides providing you with data about how you match up with other people on similar challenges. This app is more helpful for alpha-runners who want to connect with other top runners around their locality.

Nike+ Running App

Nike+ Running App for iphone 7

Well-designed, easy to understand interface and powered packed with a plethora of features, there is a reason why Nike+ Running App is the best-running app present out there. This app is quite useful to track every single moment of your running activity besides providing you with real-time coaching advice. The heat map feature shows you how much intensity you put across your run around different time slots.