Best Rufus Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Rufus 2017: Rufus is a minor utility that supports the format and generates bootable USB flash drives, for example, USB keys or pen drives, memory canes, etc. Makes bootable USB drive from an extensive range of ISOs.Even with its small size, Rufus delivers you with the whole thing you need.


This Rufus alternative CD image documents are easily produced with UltraISO. Identical discs to a CD image, make bootable CDs and audio CD images – and UltraISO too handles DVD copy files. If you want to know how to create a CD image or want to edit an ISO image folder, UltraISO is the instrument you need.

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Nero Burning ROM

This Rufus alternative Nero Burning ROM, usually called just Nero, is a visual disc authoring program. As of type 6, the package has been a part of Nero software set. It sorts new cutting-edge functionality. Make, rip, copy, burn, correct, share, and upload online.

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LiveUSB Install

LiveUSB Install is a permitted software for GNU or Linux and Windows. Through LiveUSB Install you can easily install various Linux circulations on your skim drive. This method, you can continuously carry your preferred distro in your compact – on your bootable thumb drive.

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This Rufus alternative XBoot is a calm to use utility for making Multiboot USB or ISO. You might have seen various bootable ISO files similar Linux live CDs, Antivirus rescue CDs etc. XBoot is able to combine these ISO records into one Multiboot ISO file or make Multiboot USB in just a few ticks.

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WiNToBootic is a free package, has the sole purpose of making boot disks using ISO pictures. It is a separate small and moveable tool of only 600KB. Super User Responsive. Good for a procedure where you do not consume CD drive and devour to install the OS.

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This Rufus alternative is a small efficacy for making multiboot ISO or USB. You simply need to drag-n-drop some ISOdocuments inside, and it repeatedly adds report and category (for supported ISO files, not exposed in the screenshot). It procedures Syslinux for the menu as well as bootloader.

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USBWriter is small Windows tool that agreements you write a copy file openly to a USB drive. It needs no installation and depends on no bloated outline, it’s just a tiny program that you might put on your screen.

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NIMMI, Nehul’s ISO Multiboot Executive and Installer, is an ISO installer-manager for Pen-Drive, USB Hard-Drive. It is actually easy to the procedure. And also is has been distributed under GNU license. Other than if you need also have a bootable ISO copy.

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WinUSB Maker Tool

This is a minor utility tool that will support your format and generate bootable flash efforts for Windows 7/8. It can be valuable if you want to make installation media as of bootable ISOs and if you need to install Windows7/8 on an organisation that doesn’t consume a CD-ROM device installed.

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Startup Disk Creator

Startup Disk Creator (USB-creator) is an authorised tool to make Live USBs of Ubuntu from the Live CD or through an ISO image. The tool is comprised by default in all issues after Ubuntu 8.04.