Best Ringtone Apps for iPhone 7 2017

Ringtone Apps for iPhone 7: The recent update to the iTunes to version 10 took away the capability to buy custom ringtones for our iPhones. Most people try to customize their iPhones by adding a custom ringtone to their devices and with the ability taken from iTunes people are searching for few alternatives. However, don’t worry much about it as a number of third-party apps provide you with the easy fix to that problem.

These apps allow you to create your own personalized ringtones or choose from 100s of pre-loaded ringtones. Here are the best ringtone apps available for iPhone:

Ringtone Star

Ringtone Star app for iPhone 7

Among my top picks for the best ringtone apps available for iPhones on the app store is the Ringtone Star. This app is very compact in size but provides you with good editing interfaces. The app provides you with the options to create ringtones up to 40 seconds long using both audio and video files. This app is available for download on the App store for only $0.99 only.

Ringtone Designer Pro

Ringtone Designer Pro app for iPhone 7

If you are on the lookout to create customized ringtones from your playlist songs, then the Ringtone Designer Pro is one you should be looking for. Available for $0.99 only on the app store, this app allows you to create a 40-second-long ringtone using your iTunes music library or from recorded music files. The app is easy to use due to its simple interface but requires you to sync it to your iTunes account before you could transfer the data to your device.


RingTunes app for iPhone 7

Costing $4.99, RingTunes is one of the costliest Ringtone apps available on the App Store. This app provides you with the option to create 40-second-long ringtones using the music in your iTunes library. With an excellent and easy to use interface, this app allows provides you with the option to send your ringtones to others using your email id. You can also choose to preview your ringtones during the editing process while you also get a decent file manager to manage your ringtones.

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker app for iPhone 7

Another ringtone app made for the iPhone, Ringtone maker also provides you with the options to create your own personalized ringtones for your device. This app will set you back by $0.99 for the full version and provides all the features which most other ringtone making apps provide including selecting songs from your iTunes library and options such as Fade In/ fade out.

Ringtone Convertor

Ringtone Convertor app for iPhone 7

The only app which is available for free on the App Store in our list of best Ringtone app is the Ringtone Convertor by Hahaas Comedy LLC. This app allows you to create unlimited free ringtone up to 30 seconds long for your iPhone. The app is very sleek and easy to understand although you would be a tad disappointed with the interface of the app in comparison to their competitors. You can access the songs from your iTunes or use recorded media to create your own personalized ringtones.