Best Real Estate CRM 2017

Top Real Estate CRM for 2017: Real estate is one of the widest and growing industry nowadays and like any other business, the customer is a backbone of every organization. Every real-estate industry has a great need to maintain a relation with the customer. A bridge should be there which can make a contact between the customer and the organization. Here let you know the real estate CRM 2017.Basically, CRM stands for customer relations management. CRM is the best and the easiest way to make a link with your customer and building a trust with them.

Here you are going to get 5 best CRM for Real Estate:

1. Pipedrivepipedrive

Pipedrive is a simple and easy to use and it is one of the best CRM platforms which is very user-friendly too. It shows you the entire entries and database with a natural way. The visuals provided by Pipedrive make a simplicity so that anyone can understand easily. Mobile application of Pipedrive is very useful and you can use it anywhere because of its easy accessibility. This is small in size and fits for any business. It is integrated with google and can connect you with different software.

Download Pipedrive

2. PropSpace


If you are on a hunt for a fast, rapid, modern and userfriendly CRM with a full package of different useful tools and features, then PropSpace Real Estate CRM is the end of your quest. PropSpace Real Estate CRM is one of the best and very easy to use CRM. This CRM allows you to manage the entire work and activities of your real estate business in very easy and fast way. Due to its cloud feature, you can use this CRM anywhere anytime, 24×7.

Download PropSpace

3. Realvolverealvolve

Realvolve is one of the best and useful CRM for the real estate entrepreneurs. Realvolve has the ability to manage your enquiries and listings. This CRM provides the easiest platform where you can perform your business related tasks very nicely. It also stores your contacts, tasks, and transaction etc.

Download Realvolve

4. Prophet CRMprophet

Prophet CRM provides you an access by which you can get your all emails open. It records your all necessary data automatically. It can analyse the reports and show you with the sorting as per your desire.

Download Prophet CRM

5. Remedyforce CRM


This is the last and the best CRM for your business. You can customize the entire tools of RemedyforceCRM. It has a structure for the social activities to share, like and comment your experience and views etc.

Download Remedyforce CRM

All above CRM are easy to use and well in performance which you can use according to your need and work profile.The trial may be free for few CRM but you have to pay to use that CRM for a longer time.