Best Raspberry Pi Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Raspberry Pi 2017: We are living in a time period where computers have become so advanced that almost anything can be done using them.

Computers have become so much developed in terms of technologies they use as well as the applications they support that the so many thing we come across from time to time is just mind blogging.

With all these advancements there is an ocean of options available in computers for domestic and professional computers. Right from capacity, strength, memory, hardware structure, quality of components used, applications supported and non-supported there is huge difference between one configuration to the other that invade the market like group of ants.

Raspberry pi is a low cost small computer used specifically by those interested to learn programming. It costs somewhere range between $20 and $35 and is a boon to all those people who aspire to master computer programming.

Its low configuration broke the awe of many people and we provide here alternatives for Raspberry pi alternatives.

  1. BeagleBone Black

BeagleBone website claims that while less than 10 seconds is the boot time on Linux BeagleBone Black resumes operation within 5 minutes time after development. It allows running multiple platforms like Ubuntu, Debian and Android. Its onboard storage is an added advantage to its users when compared to Raspberry pi which needs a separate SD Card for storing data. It costs $30.


  1. ODROID-C1 

Basically a low cost single board computer, this is currently the most powerful low cost computer available in the market today. Its ability to run multiple platforms like Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, ARCHLinux and OpenELEC makes it versatile and user friendly. Over and above this versatility it is also supported by Android unlike Raspberry pi. Its compatibility with ODROID HiFi board enables it to convert digital audio files in to analog audio files. It costs $48.


  1. UDOO Dual basic

The computer with the smallest board in the UDOO category of computers is considered the as the best deal though it can get overrun by UDOO Neo which is a mix of Arduino and Raspberry pi but not limited with their features. It is considered as one of the best single board computer in the market as of today. It costs $99.


  1. Radxa Rock2 Square

Rock2 is more powerful than even the quad processor and blows the Raspberry pi off with its versatility of features. Primarily belonging to an Android based series the board enables Firefox OS and Linux to be run on it. It costs $100


  1. NanoPC – T1

The top most contender in the tiny computer series which are the best alternatives for Raspberry pi when it comes to micro computing is NanoPC-T1. The support it provides to High definition camera and Touch screen helps produce touch screen games, selfie takers and home security systems. The Wifi model is at a very cheap cost and is amidst the many other high utility value modules and accessories sold by NanoPC computers. It costs $67.

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