Best RAM Disk Software 2017

Top RAM Disk Software 2017: When the computer needs its memory to run the processes with desirable speed then RAM takes place to make this process complete. RAM can be less or more and the speed of the computer totally depends on the strength of RAM.

To juice up your computer memory you need to make a virtual disk drive on your computer. Get the free RAM disk software 2017 to implement this idea. Following is the list of best 5 RAM disk software for you.

Miray RAM Drive


It is a simple and easy to use RAM disk software with a systematic functionality. It is a free software and supports 4 to 32 GB for 23-bit to 64-bit windows as well. If your RAM strength is not much good, then this software will adjust that according to the maximum capacity of your disk. This software has simple buttons and very easy to use. Just click on the icon of this software and the entire process will be shown to you.

Download Miray RAM Drive




It is one of the best and easy software to create a RAM disk on your computer. It provides very simple steps to create the RAM disk on the computer. You just need to click on the option of “Mount New” and it will show you some pop-up options. And select few things such and Device type (HDD, Floppy CD/DVD, or Auto), Drive letter, and enter the Enter desired size of RAM Disk.

Download ImDisk

QILING Disk Master Free


It is a free software for you with a bunch of useful tools which will manage your computer in a systematic manner. Just click on the option of tools and utility, after that you can complete the task of creating RAM disk. Set the suited size and perform. Few more tools this software will provide you such as Disk partition clone, Enable preOS, Create bootable media, and Set temp dir to RAM Disk.

Download QILING Disk Master Free

Gavotte RAM Disk


It is one of the best RAM disk maker software with an easy user interface. To create a RAM disk through this software you need to follow some steps like first of all you need to select the size for RAM disk. You will have the option from 16 to 3GB. Further few more easy steps and you will be able to create a ram disk.

Download Gavotte RAM Disk

AMD Radeon RAMDisk


AMD Radeon RAM Disk is a free and easy to use software. It is in the list of popular RAM disk software, this software allows you to create and mount the RAM disk. It allows you to create RAM disk up to 4GB.

Download AMD Radeon RAMDisk

All software and their information are served to you. Every RAM Disk Software has its own features and functionality which should be used according to the need and nature of work.