Best Rainmeter Skins 2017

Best rainmeter skins 2017: The Rainmeter is one of the ultimate desktop customization tools that help in enhancing the overall look of your desktop. Not only this, it also displays the battery icon, memory, weather forecast and many other elements that should be at your eyes all the time. A number of rainmeter skins are available online, but we have collected some of the finest skins for you. Have a look below and find the best one for your screen.

Windows 9 Single Mark 4

windows 9 single markThis is one of the best rainmeter skins available in the list. It is completely based on Windows concept that will make your desktop look stunning. You can even choose to display a number of elements on the front screen.

Windows 19

Windows 2019This theme is inspired by the Microsoft Research video that showcases how the interface of Windows will look in 2019. This skin also features the squares and the informational bar that makes your desktop look killing.

Darkness Fall

Darkness FallIt is one of the popular themes that were originally created for Windows 7 featuring the landscape that adds a look & feel to the beauty of your desktop. For making the desktop look amazing, the developer has highlighted different popular apps on the screen.

Pog Pack

Pog PackIt is the refined skin of rainmeter’s Cosmetal suite. The theme is really easy to customize. This skin has 10 different variants which you can change and control the skins. What more can you ask for from this rainmeter skin suite.

Adian Bolon Aero

Adian Bolon AeroIt is another awesome rainmeter skin that will help you out to customize the front screen efficiently. Once you set this skin on your desktop, it will launch the favorite apps, give you controls to the multimedia player, and will display the clock.


TabooIf you are searching for typical black and white rainmeter skin then Taboo is the theme you should consider. It even has a skin package that allows the dynamic placement for each element of the skin.


SpaceThis beautiful rainmeter skin allows you to choose the color of your choice. The skin comes packed with plenty of features like easy setup, 8 new skins, audio visualizers, less RAM usage, and few more.


HordeIt is a dark rainmeter skin that consists of enigma twitter, enigma RSS Reader, enigma Taskbar, enigma address line, and enigma network along with the kingdom heart memorized clock, and circle system resources.


SwitchinThis stylish rainmeter skin comes with a white bar. You can easily access your folders, favorite apps, and Google search engine directly from the screen. IT also has a one click clock, weather monitor, and few other useful features.


MoonGlowIt is a new skin that can easily monitor your system temperature. It even shows the percentage of usage of RAM, SWAP, CPU, and Gmail messages. Moreover, MoonGlow is available in two versions x86bit and x64bit.

Orange Glow

Orange GlowIf orange is your favorite fruit then this theme can be perfect for your desktop. The skin includes window displays, date, clock, CD Art display, icon packages, weather monitoring, and much more.