Best Rafflecopter Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Rafflecopter 2017: Rafflecopter is a solution of social media marketing which can help the operators to conduct the surveys and censuses for growing their list of email and powerful blog comments. The solution of this works outside the social networks and it supports consecutively give away on the sites. Rafflecopter was originated back in the year 2011. Some of the alternatives are as follows:


The Hootsuite is furthermost widely spread social media association platform with even more than 10 million users and includes 744 of the Fortune 1000 corporations that trust Hootsuite to accomplish their social media plans across multiple social systems from one combined dashboard.

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This Rafflecopter alternative can provide you great help when it really comes to management of social media. It is launched in 2008 and this app works as your Twitter customer, manages your online social media, even though you can interact with the consumers.

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Sprout Social

This Rafflecopter alternative is a social media managing software that can help operators to grow their presence in social media. It can also help users to find new clients and can safeguard faster and cleverer social communications with its cooperative environment. This social software can help operators to give replies to their clients promptly.

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Socious Online Community

The Socious Online Community  is an online public software that can distinguish your organization, increase employee productivity and also increase customer faithfulness with its features. This software certifies better relationships between the members and clients which can lead to improved business.

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This Rafflecopter alternative is again a social media advertising software which can help users to recover their online company and enhance their social media marketing. Operators can identify their one of the most effective communications and check the influence of each Facebook as well as Twitter post.

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The Oktopost is one with social media management and marketing the solution that can even help B2B marketers to accomplish their social media in a well-organized way. Operators can post their matters on many social networking websites, involve in conversations with the others and can easily manage a large quantity of content circulation to social networking websites.

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The UberVU provides a path that helps many companies to understand how well the social media marketing is refining their brand online. It suggests the content for posting and then uniting the process of monitoring, cooperating in one single dashboard.

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This Rafflecopter alternative can simplify the procedure of publishing the posts on social media. This software comes up with some prodigious features to help users take your social media organization to a new height.

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The PageLever is a content management and it is an analytics program which can help you out to know about the product on Facebook. This product helps you to accomplish Facebook news stuff better.

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Social Mention

This Rafflecopter alternative helps the users to find all the references to their brand. It’s very easy for commercial owners to learn what the people are thinking about them online by using this software. The tool can also be used as a social standing management.