Best Radio Apps for iPhone 7 2017

Radio Apps for iPhone 7: Apps are transforming our traditional methods of doing things. Camera app replaced the digital camera, mobile games adding fun to smartphones and now, Radio apps have changed the way we look at streaming radio channels. With a number of Radio apps present at the iOS App Store, most of them are largely dominated by user generated playlist channels rather than listening to traditional channels. This guide presents you with the best Radio Apps that are present on the App store:

Stitcher Radio for Podcasts

Stitcher Radio for Podcasts app for iPhone 7

One of the easiest and most comprehensive radio apps available is the Stitcher Radio developed by Stitcher Inc. The app contains a range of channel stations featuring different genres such as comedy and political besides others. As soon as you open the app, you can choose all those stations that you like to show up on your opening screen every time you open the app. The landing page of the app will also provide you suggestions on the basis of your favorite channels and is perfect for people looking to listen to the local radio channels and radio talk shows.

TuneIn Radio Pro

TuneIn Radio Pro app for iPhone 7

Priced at $3.99 in the App Store, TuneIn Radio Pro might not be the most popular radio app out there, but it gets the job done for you. The app contains over 50,000 different stations and 120,000 shows to choose from. Although you can also choose to get the free version also, the paid one provides you with a number of brilliant features including the option to record the live station.

iHeartRadio – Free Music Radio Stations

iHeartRadio App for iphone 7

This app is developed by the Clear Channel Communications ad features with over 800 different live FM Channels being broadcasted simultaneously. Although you won’t be impressed by the number of radio stations offered by them as compared to 1000s provided by other apps, one thing that goes in their favor is that each of these stations is among the most popular radio channels around the globe.  You can also create your own custom radio stations based on different artists on this app.

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio App for iphone 7

Although not very unique as most other radio apps also provide similar features, Pandora is still a quite useful free app for your iPhone. You can choose from a number of artists, song, genre or album and Pandora will provide you with a number of suggestions providing you with a similar type of music on their channels. The app has an easy to use interface and although provides you with music you need, the app is still not the best it can be.

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio app for iPhone 7

Slacker Radio is very similar to the Pandora Radio as it also allows you to generate custom-made playlists based on your songs, artist or album choice. The biggest advantage of the app is that it just doesn’t rely on computer algorithms to provide music for you. It hires respectable DJs to deliver the type of music people want to see on this free app.