Best Quickbooks Alternative 2017

Alternatives to Quickbooks 2017: It’s not easy to run a small business. Big or small, running a business firm requires enormous amount of discipline and follow ups which becomes a crucial role to maintain floating without sinking. Accounting is of paramount importance. By accounting we are not talking about being responsible or accountable. We mean tracking the assets and liabilities, payments and expenses on a day to day basis in a meticulous manner. When in olden days these activities were done manually, as technology evolved many software were made available for this purpose. One such application available for maintaining accounts for small businesses is QuickBooks.

Quickbooks being the forerunner for the accounting applications in the market now, it has captured a majority of small business owners through its amazing features that were more like a human working for you rather than just a machine which calculates what you feed. Of course there are alternatives available for Quickbooks for those entrepreneurs who want choices that would fit in their requirement. We give some alternatives for such entrepreneurs who may choose the application they want to work for them.

  1. Bench

Bench acts both as an absolute book keeper which tracks in a meticulous manner as well as projects to you the cash flow status in an accurate manner. This is an application that can be linked to your Bank account in a secure manner. It gives you complete freedom from doing the book keeping work by doing proper Book keeping all by itself. This is the perfect application for those entrepreneurs who want a real human like intervention to safeguard their finance aspect.


  1. Wave

Wave is a finance application that does multiple tasks pertaining to maintenance of perfect accounts management like receipts and payment tracking, accounting, invoicing and Payroll. This application is absolutely a boon for firms with less than 9 personnel and individuals and freelancers who provide different kinds of services to vendors.


  1. Xero

Xero is power packed accounting software that allows around 350 third party applications to be included in it. This includes other finance applications like Zen Payroll, Square, Harvest and many others to be linked to Xero. Xero offers a complete mobile application experiencing for tracking the complete money transactions of your business while helping you to govern inventory also.


  1. LessAccounting

LessAccounting, by keeping tag on your deposits and expenses and categorizing your expenses makes your life simple. This is an accounting application for enterprises whose business volume is $20 million revenue and which possesses less than 20 employees. Its precision and focus on the various aspects supports small business entrepreneurs to the fullest extent


  1. Brightbook

Brightbook claims itself to be like your Mom. It pesters you to follow up your invoices in such a nagging manner that you will feel your Mom sitting right in front of you while working on this application. The abundant rich features it offers to its users include unlimited expanse of work pertaining to number of users, payment, bill logging and invoicing.