Best QR Code Readers for iPhone 7 2017

QR Code Readers 2017: Reading a QR Code has become an integral part of using a smartphone these days. Scanning and reading QR codes allow you to get all the information about the products without having to manually search for it. The QR code readers allow you to transcode or decode a barcode, read phone numbers, save a contact, visit a URL Link and find information about specific products.

The iOS app store is full of QR code readers and today, we have selected the best QR Code readers that you can download for your iPhone:


Scan for iPhone 7

Scan is by far the best QR Code reader available on the AppStore currently. The app is devoid of any flashy stuff or filler but is the best for what it is meant to do, scan and read your QR Codes. The app will do the necessary steps for you. The code represents a number? It will open your caller. Represents a URL? It will open it in your web browser. This app makes scanning QR codes way easier than it actually is.

Download Scan from AppStore


RedLaser for iPhone 7

RedLaser is another QR code reader app available for iOS devices which have a simpler interface and easy to use just like Scan. But the number of features you get from RedLaser is more as compared to Scan. This app allows you to scan the products and compare their prices across various websites to help you save more. Besides scanning your codes, this app allows provides with an option to save your loyalty bonus cards and share them with others.

Download RedLaser from AppStore


Bar-Code for iPhone 7

One of the very old apps to have come out to help you scan the QR codes. This app is not as popular as other apps on this list but gets the job done as smoothly as others. One negative point about the app is that it is full of ads but the interface is easy to use and removes most problems because of minimal features attached in the app. You can also keep a record of all the codes you have scanned by clicking a photo of them through this app also.

Download Bar-Code from AppStore

Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader for iPhone 7

Another scan & and compare type of QR Code reader app is the Barcode Reader App available for free in the iOS App Store.  The app allows you to keep a list of previous barcodes scanned through the app besides helping to compare the price of scanned products across various different e-commerce websites for savings. Although there isn’t anything new available in the app, it is still very much popular because of its simple interface.

Download Bar-code Reader from AppStore

QR Code Maker

QR Code Maker for iPhone 7

It is nice if you want to scan your QR codes but what if you want to create them as well? The QR Code makers provide you with the possibility of creating our own QR Codes from phone numbers, contacts, products, URL Links and others besides helping you to scan and read them. This app is available for free to use on the App Store.

Download QR Code Maker from AppStore