Best Puzzle Games for MAC 2017

Puzzle Games for your MAC: Computer gaming and MAC computers haven’t always been on the best of terms. Quick the optimal PC gaming experience comes via a MAC. The argument usually begins and sometimes ends at a MAC’s stock specifications for proper computer gaming.

Kids of all ages are sharpening their growing brains with technology, and also their parents also like to play the game. Puzzle game is the best way to pass your free time. Here we discuss top five Puzzle Games 2017.

Grampy Katz: The Big Date

Grampy Katz The Big Date

Grampy Katz has a hot date and his place is a disaster! Help him clean up before his date arrives and discovers what a slob they’re. Complete as many tasks as possible before time run away.

The incredibly goal is actually to have a suitable date, but a beneficial date additionally is nice. Don’t worry, Greta is fairly opinionated and she’ll let you exactly how she feels when the date draws to a close.

You are Grampy Katz and tonight someone is coming over for a date.  But there is quite a bit to do before your date gets here, so you must prepare! At first, Grampy Katz tells you what he needs to do – get dressed and clean the house. However, you must figure out all of the little tasks involved in cleaning the house and getting ready for the date.

Use the mouse to move Grampy Katz. Click on objects to quickly complete tasks before time runs out.

Download Grampy Katz: The Big Date for MAC

The Poladroid


Inside a mysterious room with no door, you seek a way to get out. A set of poladroid photos on the wall hints at the story of this room’s past. With only an old poladroid camera in hand, you must solve the puzzle of each photo by matching them to the scene. The Poladroid is a puzzle game that connects the past and present through a supernatural take on the poladroid within a poladroid fad. This game is made for the Ludum Dare 36 game jam where the theme is “ancient technology”.


  • WASD for Move
  • Mouse- Look around and interact with surrounding
  • 1- Show Poladroid Photo
  • 2- Use Poladroid camera

Download The Polaroid for MAC

The Experiment

The Experiment

The Experiment is a mystery/horror puzzle game. The player control Tegan, children who awake to find them self an experiment within a facility where are animal subjects weren’t any longer adequate amounts. At first can’t see anything in the dark room, then find the eyes of the cat glow inside the darkness. Mentioned that you may need to escape; maybe this cat assist you? Its eyes track you intelligently as you sit up.

Download The Experiment for MAC

Computer Open That Door

Computer Open That Door

This is a very interesting game about being a self-aware AI. You’re not friendly about this either, you wish to live, so your task is to kill off the crew.

At the time of a space exploration mission, the ship computer of the Starship Explorer became consious. The crew can’t know, otherwise, all of the computer systems would be deleted immediately. To stop a system reset during the particular maintenance routines, the computer made plans to eliminate the ship’s team.

The ship is 20 star systems far from the next station. This time sho uld be enough to remove all ‘biohazard’ in your decks. Otherwise, your newly acquired ability to make own decisions will be washed off  by a single order. Use the ship’s systems wisely to kill one crew member at a period. But be careful: The crew will reset systems whenever they discover that they are not being employed as the are supposed to be.

Download Computer Open That Door for MAC

There You Go

There You Go

Examine numerous rooms full of secrets and mysteries. Your game revolves around with revealing their secrets and find the way to continue your journey. In this engrossing Android game you can train your logic skills, smarts and observation skills. Your task is to find the way out of every room.

To do this you need to inspect the room very carefully, and solve a logic puzzle by looking for objects which interact with you. Guess number codes, look for colored fragments, and complete other tasks.

Game features:

  • Minimalistic block graphics
  • Engrossing levels
  • Tricky puzzles
  • Handy system of controls

Download There We Go for MAC