Best Prototyping Tools 2017

Top Prototyping Tools: Prototyping is perhaps the most important part of the design process. It helps your teams to make certain decisions early on. By creating a mock website or application design your team can have relevant talks to decide the design properly. The flow and usability of the design become clear early on. There are a lot of prototyping tools that are competing against each other in the year 2017.

The work is synchronized with the help of the prototyping tools. The concept of a design and the feedback can be gathered properly with the help of prototyping. Before investing too much time and money into the development of a website or application, prototyping helps you to identify the shortcomings in the design and behavior of an application early on in the application development lifecycle.

With the help of the list below you can decide the best prototyping tool that meets your needs and requirements.



This is a prototyping tool that helps you create interactive mockups for web and mobile Apps. The way you can interact with the system is to upload your static designs into the system and the next step is to add mock-ups for both the type of applications. It helps in facilitating your workflow with interactive preview mode options, comments, and version control. Drop down menus and the share buttons can be added with the help of few clicks only.

Download Invision



This is the all-in-one prototyping tool for your web and mobile Apps. Besides helping in having the intuitive designs, it helps in creating the functionality of the application within the platform itself. You can easily create your art board in this prototyping tool. Adding of the mobile gestures and the transitions is relatively easy with Justinmind. You can learn to use the prototyping tool as interactive tutorials are provided within the tool itself.

Download Justinmind



This tool simplifies the entire prototyping process. You don’t have to download the tools to your device before starting to make any prototype. As you sign in, it helps to make a complete prototype within minutes. Gestures can be easily made by uploading the images. New transitions can also be added. You can directly upload different types of files to perform the required transition.

Download Marvel



Owned by Facebook, this tool has been used to design Instagram and Messenger Apps. It is primarily used for iOS Apps as it is integrated with Apple Quartz composer. There are loads of plugins in this tool for the sketch, Photoshop, and documentation. The best feature of this tool is to convert the designs thus created into the code for different platforms like iOS, Android or web.

Download Origami



This is a Google powered prototyping tool for the web designers. The highlight of this prototyping tool is that it helps you to create different layers of design in the form of layouts. The interactions and animations can be added very easily with the help of this tool. Pixate is available on the cloud and lets you make some of the wonderful designs.

Download Pixate

Without even writing a single line of code, these prototyping tools help you to create an external view of the application with simple drag and drop tools. Each tool gives you a different type of functionality and flexibility to the designers.