Best Portable Linux Distro 2017

Popular Portable Linux Distro to install in 2017: Demand for Linux distributions is growing rapidly. The beauty of Linux is that it offers something for everyone. Not many people would realize that it is possible to merely carry your operating system data on a thumb drive.

With the help of Linux, it is possible to take your entire OS system in your flash drive and experience an excellent portable system that can be easily carried from one place to another. Below the key Linux distributions that can be used as portable OS.

The Top Portable Linux Distro are

Puppy Linux

Puppy LinuxSince its inception, Puppy Linux has been a nothing more than a curiosity. It is designed to support most of the hardware available in the market and considered to be a lightweight portable laptop capable of chugging away on any machine. Puppy Linux doesn’t require high-end configuration and can be easily fitted into the nice portable package. The key aspect of this particular Linux distribution is that it weighs under 100 MB and can be easily loaded into any USB or CD drive without much effort. Another aspect is that its user interface is extremely friendly and can be used easily even by a non-Linux user. The basic tools available in the portable version are FS recovery, partitioning of the system, basic computing and web browsing.

Download Puppy Linux

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SlaxAnother user-friendly portable Linux distribution available is Slax. One can download this Linux distribution from its official website and even select the number of modules you wish to download and install. It is possible to set up a portable operating system in Slax and select the tools that you want in the package.

Download Slax

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UbuntuUndoubtedly, Ubuntu has been a popular Linux desktop distribution mainly because of the range of features available in its graphical user interface. There are certain qualities available in Ubuntu because of which it is a perfect choice to be used as portable OS. One can design an easy to use Flash drive installation in Ubuntu and create useful interface as per the requirement. Hence users can use or carry it wherever required.

Download Ubuntu

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BackTrackAnother most popular lightweight portable operating system is BackTrack. It is a perfect choice for people who are looking for portable operating system packed with hundreds of applications that lets you perform most of the admin parts. The key features of BackTrack include letting you sniff hot spot probing and force password attacks.

Download BackTrack