Best Portable Apps 2017

Top Portable Apps: It’s a hectic life and the convenience of the connected world demands that we can carry our work anywhere along with leisure on demand. This has created a need for digital security where running an activity without installation will leave no trails behind.

Portable applications are software that helps your files (documents, movies, games, music etc) from one environment to another. They can portable versions of the regular applications such as browsers or specialized Apps designed to enhance mobile computing. We take a look at the top portable Apps for 2017.

Google Chrome Portable


The portable version of this popular browser is very effective in managing passwords and browsing history to be able to be used in public computers without any fear of hacking as no trail is left behind, you can also utilize the chrome web store extensions to add more functionality and services

Download Google Chrome Portable

FileZilla Portable


This is a great App for developer’s community as they need FTP building capabilities for managing files for clients. FileZilla is a well-used FTP client that features provide resuming capabilities on downloading/uploading, firewall support, timeout detection and much more. It can be easily carried on your hard drive or pen drive as a portable media device.

Download FileZilla Portable

Notepad++ Portable


This is a boon for the developers with a handy text editing tool commonly used. It has all the features of the main software without the need for installation and new features include auto-completion, indentation guidelines, syntax highlighting, multiple language support, extensive plugin support and much more.

Download Notepad++ Portable



It is one of the widely used CD ripping software, easy to use and store. It can rip the CDs into MP3 files with the quickness and ease of a melting butter, and also allows the metadata to be downloaded with a remote server. You can also choose the ‘shutdown after finishing’ option to have it close the PC even when you are not around.

Download CDex



This is a free word processing software program on the lines of Microsoft Word and supports numerous file formats such as Microsoft Word, Open Document (Open, Word Perfect, Open Office XML (MS Word 2007), RTF, HTML, Palm and much more. It has grammar and spelling checkers and various other handy features such as mail merge, plugin system that allows adding features available add-on plugins.

Download AbiWord

A lot of small Apps can make your life easier and faster to deal with volumes of data. Since things are mostly digitized now, it makes sense to get a grip with some of such Apps and also promote a good habit of digital security to avoid hacking of confidential data. These mini Apps are ever evolving and keeping a track of what suits you the best will go a long way in saving your time and effective utilization of your energy.