Best Podio Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Podio 2017: Podio is the online workplace. It combines hundreds of specialised and flexible work apps with the messaging, tasks, reporting, and workflow and also contacts management. Podio makes you build and shape the online workstation most fitting to your part. Some of the alternatives are as follows:


Freedcamp is one of the free alternatives to Basecamp. Freedcamp deals up with an app store where you can easily install To-Do, do discussions, milestones, tracking of time as well as Calendar for free of cost. The project organisation has never been this kind of sweet.

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This Podio alternative is one of the new-generation cooperative task management tool used for organising many of the tasks in a tree-like structure wrapped up in a simple as well as user-friendly UI.

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Transpose is the smart workstation that helps the people to organise their data that might be stored in a worksheet or a formless data-storage app just like Word or Evernote.

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This Podio alternative is an online project administrative application that totally helps you out to deliver the projects on particular time and on a budget by eliminating the bottlenecks through an accurate time tracking and reporting. It can also help you out with the task management and collaboration, time tracking, billing, estimates and other expenses.

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Open Atrium

Open Atrium is the intranet in a box which has a group of spaces which allow many of the different teams to have their own discussions. It comes up with six features which are a blog, a wiki, also the calendar, to-do list, a shoutbox, and the dashboard to manage it all.

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Yammer is used for revolutionising the internal corporate communications by bringing up together all of the company’s employees inside the private as well as secure innovative social network. Though Yammer is as easy to use as customer products just like Facebook or Twitter, it’s the enterprise-grade software which is built from the ground up to drive the business aim.

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This Podio alternative is the modern as well as easy to use the open-source web software package which is used to manage your business. It is the open source and also free software designed for the companies (SME), fundamentals and freelances.

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This Podio alternative is also an online work platform for the collaboration as well as the management of the project in one single place with tasks, also time-tracking, the web and the desktop chat, file sharing with comments and much more.

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Smartsheet is a web-based assignment management, project manager and also work collaboration software.Smartsheet connects with the power of a platform within the easiness of a worksheet. There is no need of any training. There is no need to get up early and running in minutes.

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This Podio alternative is the web based project administrative application with a smart customizable interface. Few of the features that can be mentioned for this alternative are Email integration, iCalendar and RSS feeds, the timeline view and also the reports. For this alternative, a free trial is also available.