Best Pocket Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Pocket 2017: The Pocket is the one which is available as a bookmarklet, as a Chrome addon, and well integrated into Firefox as quite a few unofficial browser add-ons, and also as a mobile app which is available for a range of platforms. Some of the alternatives are as follows:


The Diigo simplifies your learning. It collects, saves as well as tag your online resources for an easy access anytime or anywhere. It annotates the web pages and also PDF’s directly as you browse it online. You can simply organise your links, references and also personal input to create an organised research base through an Outliner.

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This Pocket alternative is the free of cost as well as an open source alternative to the Pocket, Instapaper or Readability. It is the web application used for saving web pages. Wallabag abstracts the article’s content and it displays it in a very comfortable view.Furthermore, Wallabag is very responsive as you can read your articles on the smartphone or on a tablet.

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This Pocket alternative is not only bookmarked but also associated with the content depending on the page type. If there is an article, and it will be cut and saved with the help of bookmark. The same procedure applies to video, photo and also presentations. So you can evenly organise thematic assortments with different content.

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The Instapaper is quite a simple tool to save the web pages for reading it later. To save these web pages for later on offline reading. You can go to, simply install the Read Later bookmark, and then mark the pages you’d like to read it later.

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This Pocket alternative is the bookmarking website which is intended for the people who want to consistently keep track of large numbers of links. Its objectives are to be useful, contest bloat, keep the things fast, and stay small. Also, it has social bookmarking.

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This Pocket alternative is a free tool which can organise, find and also share the links. It delivers a simple but also an effective way to establish your links within tags.Tagpacker also helps you to keep your assortment always orderly and neat.

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The Historious is a duplicate of the web pages you bookmark so that you can then find pages that you have bookmarked very easily without needing to add the words as tags which are previously in the page text.

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This Pocket alternative is very flexible and also a visual way to organise the finest things from the web. It drops the meaningless links, the dig in your mailbox, misplaced articles in read later feed storage, and then copy paste into docs to see the content and background together.

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The Flamory remembers the things. Make the snapshots of your web pages, files, and some desktop apps. You can find the snapshots later by using full-text search and the thumbnails.

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Save to Google

This Pocket alternative can very easily save the interesting web pages to Google within new Save to Google extension. Simply click on the star to save web pages for viewing it later.