Best PIM Software 2017

Top PIM Software 2017: PIM stands for Personal Information Manager. This is the software which manages your entire personal information or the information you want to save and note for you to use in future or for a current time.

PIM software is the complete package of many useful tools and functions such as itinerary, Diary notebook, events, appointments, personal planner and contact information etc. Here are some best PIM software 2017 you are going to get for your best use.



This is one of the best PIM software in the list of top 5. It is a free edition and very easy to use because Pimero has a great but simple user interface. It is very easy to create a new entry in Pimero.  It is very efficient and contains functions such as, chat, feed reader, e-mails, contacts, appointments, reminders, tasks, and events.

Download Pimero



This is another best PIM software for you. It is full of very useful features and functions. Basically, this software is best for commercial use due to its quick and easy interface. EssentialPIM works very professionally as you can import contacts, vcrds and important email etc.

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PIM Xtreme


It can be a correct choice if you know the right use of PIM software. PIM Xtreme has all the qualities like above PIM software. It has various functions such as chat, feed reader, e-mails, contacts, appointments, reminders, tasks, and events etc. Like Pimero, it can be arranged in its own pane in windows and your desired one. This is free software to use.

Download PIM Xtreme

Win Pim


This is the best one and attractive PIM software comes with great user interface. The functions and features of this software are very well organized so you can use them step by step in a very easy way. You get many options while using win PIM software, as it allows you to attach any file with it, important note, mail or contact etc.

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Efficcess is the last in this list but most wonderful and the best PIM software among all. It is called as the best manager to manage your personal data and information. This software has the ability to manage all your contacts, tasks, notes, passwords, events and phone etc. There you don’t need to get any training to use this software because it has a very easy interface. The trial version of this PIM software is free but you need to pay $31 to buy this software.

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Including many ways of managing personal information PIM is one of the best and the professional way for this. PIM software provides a correctness and easy platform to arrange the data. You can try to the software as mentioned above. Go for free versions as provided in links.