Best PHP Editor 2017

Top PHP Editor: PHP is one of the most used languages when it comes to a website or an e-commerce online store. The learning curve for PHP is not as steep as other languages. For a company which is looking for a language to start their website development at a very fast rate, PHP is the best language. There are many tools that can be used to development in PHP, in the year 2017.

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The different editors for PHP provide different capabilities that are suited to various different types of website development needs. Here we have listed some of the most amazing editors that will kick-start the development of your website.

PHP Designer 8


Best editor for entry level programmers. This is the best editor for anyone who wants to learn PHP. It supports JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS as well. It is not hard to learn to edit code using PHP Designer 8. It can be easily integrated with the famous GIT and SVN repositories. It can be used with any framework like CakePHP, CodeIgniter etc. It has an intelligent syntax highlighter to effectively read the existing code.

Download PHP Designer 8

Code Runner 2


This is an affordable editor for MAC platform. Code Runner is the best option for developers looking for the multi-language editor for the MAC platform. The editor is easy to use yet powerful to code in almost any language. It can be quickly installed on your MAC and you can be up and running with the editor within minutes. This editor has a lot of interesting features like word-completions, intelligent bracket matching etc.

Download Code Runner 2



It is a browser based text editor for PHP. This is one of the most efficient browser-based text editors for PHP. The main advantage of this solution is that you can edit the code in both online and offline mode using this editor. This means in order to do the development all you need is a web browser. This tool supports all modern languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Ruby.

Download ICEcoder

PHP Debug Bar


This can with your already existing projects. The highlight of this editor is its integrating capabilities. The already existing projects in PHP can be easily integrated with the help of this PHP editor. Collectors can be easily created to integrate with any of your previous projects. It can easily handle AJAX requests.

Download PHP Debug Bar



This is the editor for web programmers and other types of programmers as well. The aim of this web development and editing tool is to provide the solution to every kind of programmer. Be it a web developer looking to find ways to add more functionality to the website or a seasoned programmer looking for solutions to edit the already written code.

Download Bluefish

We have made a genuine attempt to provide you the best PHP editors which can be chosen in the year 2017. This is the most relevant list to choose one of the best PHP editors for your next or ongoing software development in PHP.