Best PhoneGap Alternatives 2017

PhoneGap, an open-source cross-platform framework, lets users create mobile applications using Web API by wrapping web applications in native shell-app and implementing on various platforms. The PhoneGap does lack performance as it is slow sometimes. For a quick prototype with HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills PhoneGap might be just right. There are several PhoneGap alternatives that perform well. Lets have a look at them:

NetBeans IDE


NetBeans IDE is also a free open-sourced IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for software development. Users get the access to all the needed tools to successfully create desktop, web, enterprise and mobile applications in languages; Java, C/ C++, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby and Groovy. NetBeans IDE is easy-to-use and is compatible on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and Linux. The world-wide open community of users and developers, once written, can be Run anywhere!

Microsoft Visual Studio


Microsoft Visual Studio, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), helps users develop programs for Microsoft Windows, Websites, Web applications and web services. Visual Studio produces both native code and managed code using Microsoft software development platforms; Windows API, Forms, Presentation Foundation, Store and Silverlight. It has a code editor that supports IntelliSense and Code debugger that works as source-level debugger as well as machine-level debugger. It has some great built-in tools such as GUI applications, web designer, class designer and database schema designer. This is one of the best Phonegap alternatives that allows plug-ins to improve functionality.



QT, a widely used cross-platform application framework, is used in application development. It runs with great speed on different platforms without changing the codebase. The QT is used in device creation, UI and application development, supports deployment on many platforms; Desktop, Mobile or Embedded.

Android Studio


Android Studio, a new Android Development Environment that provides Integrated Android developer tools for software development and debugging. This is the best available IDE for Android Development with limited hardware options on the device. The Android Studio produces very high quality android-apps that are custom-made for the developers. You can code, debug, test and proof in the development Studio. Android Studio has some useful features;

Instant Run– The intelligent feature includes the code and resource changes to the running app without any required restarting or rebuilding. The effects are instantly made visible.

Intelligent code editor– The feature increases productivity by helping the coder code faster and better.  It offers Advanced Code Completion, Refactoring and Code Analysis. When typing the code, the Android Studio displays suggestion in dropdown list, the coder just has to select the option to insert the code.

Fast and feature-rich emulator – This feature installs your application and starts faster in a real-time device thus allowing you to prototype and test the code. It stimulates hardware-features like Network Latency, GPS Location and Multi-Touch Input.



Xcode, a Development Environment by Apple is for MAC OS X, it is packed on DVD of every copy of MAC OS X and is available for free to ADC members. It has all the tools that a user needs to create, debug and optimize the applications. The Xcode has a graphical workbench that integrates a text editor, a built-in system, a debugger and the powerful GCC compiler. The Xcode though simple, is a powerful environment that can build the largest Mac OS X application. This is undoubtedly one of the best 2017 PhoneGap alternatives.