Best Peerblock Alternatives 2017

If you are a frequent torrent user and you need to block computers from accessing your system, you need software which can do the needful. Peerblock was a decent option as you could monitor the communication via your internet connection. Internet is full of malware, Trojans, hackers, spammers and the likes. They can easily monitor your online activities and steal your personal data. Even ISPs and the government track your activities and spy on you. All your activities are essentially recorded by your ISP. To prevent this blatant stealing of your privacy, you need something to shield your privacy. Peerblock is one such software which allow you to do the same. However, the downside of Peerblock is you still get those notifications stating you are downloading from torrents and your service might get disconnected. Peerblock doesn’t encrypt your file or hide your IP address. So, what can really work? There are some other Peerblock Alternatives which can be considered for a truly anonymous internet surfing.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is among the Best Peerblock Alternatives out there. Although it is not a free app, you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. It just costs around $3.33 per month. It allows torrents on all servers. It also provides AES encryption so no one can read your files.



IPVanish is non-logging VPN software. It is one of the fastest VPNs and the best Peerblocker Alternatives which can guarantee utmost privacy. It is great was downloading torrents. Since there are no logs, your internet activity is also not stored. You can select any IP from over 40 countries all over the world and states within USA as well. The software is easy to use and you only need to setup OpenVPN. Also, you can choose the server based on its ping time. It can also increase the bandwidth provided by your internet service provider.


BeeThink IP Blocker

BeeThink IP blocker is blocking program for Windows. Like Peerblocker, it can control how your computer interacts with others over the network. It can be used on Windows server machines or production stage to ban unwanted visitors to snoop over you. It is a firewall and it can block IP addresses, ports etc.

It also includes a black list and white list. IP blocker firewall can also control access to internet by maintaining white list or black list. Not only does it support multiple IP formats but it can also automatically update the IP list.


Hotspot Shield

With Hotspot Shield, you can hide your IP from snoopers and browse the Internet anonymously. With this software you can mask or change your IP address and secure your privacy. It also bypasses internet firewall and filters, enabling you to access blocked website. You can also connect to public Wi-Fi and get the same level of security. It is cross-platform free and paid application which can work on Mac, iOS, Android and Windows.


By using any of the above Peerblock Alternatives, you can sidestep the snooping eyes of the ISPs and hackers. Download any software mentioned above and enjoy an anonymous internet surfing time!