Best iOS PDF Reader 2017

PDF Reader Apps for iPhone 7: The Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the most widely used file format to help present documents and images in a way independent of operating systems, hardware, and software. The PDFs are very light in size and don’t occupy much space on your iPhones. To open PDF files, you would require a PDF open to open the document.

These pdf reader apps not only help you to look at the contents of the PDF file but also help you in providing storage functions, navigation, and annotation. Here are the best PDF Reader apps available on the App Store:

Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader for iphone 7

Although the windows version for the PDF Reader is slated regularly for being oversized, the iOS Version is surprisingly light and compact. This PDF Reader app can help you access many different PDF documents including password protected and fillable form format files. The users who have signed up for a free account on the Adobe Document cloud can also sync and share their PDF documents online and use few additional features including PDF Editor.

Download Adobe PDF Reader from here

Foxit Mobile PDF

Foxit Mobile PDF for iphone 7

Foxit Mobile PDF Reader app is one of the best dedicated PDF reader apps for your iPhone. The app handles your normal and password protected documents with ease. This app also provides support for highlighting words, annotations and also let you add sticky notes text boxes to your document. The Foxit cloud support also provides you with the option to upload and share your PDF documents with other people.

Download Foxit PDF Reader from here


iAnnotate for iphone 7

One of the most impressive PDF Reader apps available on the iOS App Store, iAnnotate includes a number of interesting features in the product. This app allows the user to add notes, highlight, underline and strikethrough important text. You can open a number of different PDF files together with the help of the tabbed browsing features. Also, you can import and upload files to various cloud services and send them to others through email.

Download iAnnotate PDF Reader App from here


MuPDF for iPhone 7

MuPDF is among the best freely available lightweight, open source PDF Reader. This app can handle all different PDF files including Password protected ones. MuPDF also allows you to access EPUB, XPS and CBZ files even though the app is specifically built to support PDF files. The app contains all the basic features of search, hyperlinks, form filling and electronic signatures but will disappoint you if you are looking for advanced features such as cloud support and other editing features.

Download MuPDF from here


XODO PDF for iphone 7

Xodo PDF is another free PDF Reader App available for iPhones which are very popular amongst the users. This simple app provides you with all the basic features including a variety of viewing modes, text search, bookmarks, thumbnail viewer and quick scroll bar. This free cross-platform PDF Reader file shines brightly because of a number of other interesting features such as group collaboration on a single document. This is possible because of Xodo Connect which allows multiple users to access, view and edit the document simultaneously.

Download Xodo PDF from here