Best Paint.NET Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Paint.NET 2017: Paint.NET is the free image and free photo editing software. It features a spontaneous and original user interface with do support for the layers, unlimited undo unusual effects, and also a wide variety of the useful as well as most powerful tools. Some of the alternatives are as follows:


The GIMP is a freely circulated program for such jobs as photo retouching, the image composition and also image authoring. It can though use as a simple paint program, and an expert quality photo retouching program, an accessible batch processing system, a mass manufacture image renderer, an image organisation converter, and much more.

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Adobe Photoshop

This Paint.Net alternative has become one of the de facto industry standard in the raster graphics editing, such as the word “photoshop” and has become a verb as in “to Photoshop an image,” “the photoshopping,” and “the photoshop contest,” much more. It can be edit and compose raster images in many multiple layers and it supports masks, alpha compositing and numerous colour models which include RGB, CMYK, Lab colour space, spot colour and also duotone.

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This Paint.Net alternative is one of free image and a photo editing software. It features an instinctive and innovative user line with supporting the layers, unlimited undo unusual effects and a wide variety of useful and many such powerful tools.

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This Paint.NET alternative is a comprehensive creative sketching and a painting application with the advanced, profitable quality features. It’s free of cost, open-source and it is available across all main desktop platforms.

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This Paint.NET alternative is one of fast painting program with a prominence on full-screen use. It even lets you focus on the art as a substitute for the program. You can work on your canvas with minimum distractions, bringing up all the interface only when user need it.

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Microsoft Paint

This Paint.NET alternative is very simple, ultra-basic graphics painting program that is encompassed with almost all the versions of Microsoft Windows. It unlocks and saves files as the Windows bitmap, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF.

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This Paint.NET alternative is beautifully designed, very easy-to-use, fast and very powerful image editor for the Mac OS X and has everything you require to create, edit and improve your images.

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This Paint.NET alternative is the fun and easy photo editing software that permits you to dose and improve photos. It is a resizing editor, has brightness as well as colour adjustment, white balance, backlight alteration, frames, inflatables, mosaic mode, the addition of text, drawing pictures, cropping tool, filters, red eye and also removal and blooming. The Batch edit comes up with multiple photos.

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This Paint.Net alternative is very small and fast viewer and editor for the JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF and TIFF images. The image dispensation is provided and allowing to adjust the typical parameters, perceptiveness, its colour balance, contrast and the local overexposure.

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This Paint.Net alternative is quite fast and has compact image converter which tries to be simple for the beginners and hence powerful for professionals. Many of supported file formats and features include multi-language support system, Thumbnail option, Painting, slideshows, toolbar skins, batch conversion, and multipage editing.