Best Paid Games for MAC 2017

Best Paid Games for your MAC: The Apple App store is filled with the games of every genre to cater to every kind of audience. They have all the famous paid and free games to offer. We have done immense research to find the high quality paid games for MAC 2017 to make your lives easier.

Although newbies will not find worthwhile to pay for the games as there are a lot of free games available on the Apple store, for the game playing greenhorns this list would really prove fruitful. The main reason why everyone should pay to play the best games because when you pay for something, you give the best of your efforts to be successful.

Advantage of playing paid games

The biggest advantage with the paid games is that you get the best quality graphics and the all the latest features which you cannot use in the free version. For the game enthusiasts, who really love to play different games, the Apple App store has a lot to offer. We have shortlisted some of the best games regardless of particular genre so that you get to know the paid games for MAC 2017.

Overland – $20


This is a simple squad based survival strategy game that has easy level-based progression system. The interface is approachable and easy to learn. The player of the game has to go on a road trip that can take him to the new places on the earth.

Download Overland for MAC

Invasion Heroes – $14.99


 It is a multiplayer game. It consists of a battling arena where you will have to fight with the enemies. The gaming arena of this game is grid-based which helps to ensure that your enemy does not get to know about your movement in the game. You have to use an effective strategy and plan to move ahead in the game.

Download Invasion Heroes for MAC

Home Improvisation- $9.99


 This is an entirely different game altogether. The type of simulation and the experience is unmatched. The game consists of tons of new furniture that you and remodel and develop. You can also work with friends and enjoy this elegant virtual reality experience on your MAC. Up to three friends can be joined locally in the game. As you create different items in the game you can share them with the world on the Steam workshop.

Download Home Improvisation for MAC

Steredenn- $12.99


 It is a space shooter game with the rogue-like look and feels. You will have to fight against the deadly space pirates and kill them. There are various levels in the game with completely unpredictable events,so you will have to be alert for what is coming your way.

Download Steredenn for MAC

Seduce Me: The Demon War- $10


 It is the sequel to the famous free to play the game, Seduce me the Otome. The game depicts the story of Mika Anderson who is about to get married to her dream man but suddenly she founds herself in the world full of demons. She has to make sure to win against the demon and find his dream man while fighting with the devil.

Download Seduce Me: The Demon War for MAC