Best p2p Software for MAC 2017

macOS sierra p2p Software’s: Here the term p2p stands for peer to peer which explains a network or a medium by which two computers share the data with each other. The word peer defines about the one who has equal abilities and working like another user to create a communicative atmosphere between two or more than two networks. Many times a day we use this P2P technology without even knowing it. We need to set the P2P software for implementing these kinds of tasks for sharing the data.

What is p2p software?

P2P software is a program which helps our computer make a connection with another computer/network so that we can share the data by sending and receiving from one network to another by creating a virtual network.

You need to install a p2p software in your computer then it will create a network and provide a peer to peer networking.

5 best p2p software

Although there are thousands of p2p software for mac running in the market but here is a list by which you can get information of the best and useful p2p software for mac as follows.



Limeware is one of the best p2p software for mac. It supports the multiple downloading from more than two hosts. It comes with following features.

  • Limeware is a clean p2p software for mac and free from virus, malware etc.
  • It supports windows and Linux too along with mac.
  • Very easy to use and has good access.

Download Limeware for MAC



It is the best choice for the one who want a p2p software for mac. The easy access and interface make this software more useful. It provides:

  • Queue download to the users
  • User can set the speed limit
  • Stop/Start seeding is in user’s hand

Download Transmission for MAC



aMule is a peer to peer application for mac users and provides a high-speed uninterrupted peering from one network to another. It can be called as a best p2p software.

  • It is safe to use and malware free software for mac users.
  • Provides many features to track the download.

Download aMule for MAC



Mediaget is a wonderful peer 2 peer software which provides the options to search, get and download the media. It is on top of the rank of p2p applications for mac users.

  • It has a media player by which you can play the media files and watch them.
  • It has quite similar interface for the new and experienced users.
  • Provides an easy access

Download Mediaget for MAC



One of the best, popular and p2p software supports. It works on gnutella network for establishing the peer to peer connection.

  • The acquisition doesn’t support any other platform except mac.
  • Easy interface and provides a good speed of seeding and peering.

Download Acquisition for MAC