Best OwnCloud Alternatives 2017

OwnCloud lets the user store documents, calendars, pictures and contacts on your server at home or in the public server. There is also an option of renting VPS to secure your personal information in a trusted place. Data is accessed instantly regardless of where you are. Owncloud supports Android and other IOS devices; upload pictures and Sync files at work/ home keeping files synchronized between one or more devices. This enables shared document editing, commenting and video calling with easy user-interface. OwnCloud also provides support to PDF, images, text files, Open Document, Word files and more. The application greatly integrates with anti-virus apps and is one of the popular cloud storage options.  There are a few best OwnCloud alternatives that are available out there.



Dropbox stores files on in central secure servers that can be accessed from any computer or mobile devices through the Dropbox website. Once a new file is uploaded on the computer, it can be accessed from anywhere instantly. Once Dropbox is installed, you get 2 GB free storage space and you can earn up to 16 GB by referring new members to get Dropbox.

Google Drive


Google Drive is another great option for cloud storage that collaborates with Google Docs to offer an all-in-one application. It offers a word processor (Google Drive- Docs), a spreadsheet app (Google Drive- Sheets), a presentation app (Google Drive- Slides), a Graphics app (Google Drive- Drawings) and a Form Designer (Google Drive- Forms). This complete storage application allows users to widely work from any Mac/ PC/ Mobile devices to sync files to the cloud. All the updates from anywhere would automatically be stored to the drive and you get 15 GB free storage space.

Microsoft Onedrive


Microsoft Onedrive, also called as SkyDrive is an online document storage system that allows easy sharing. In the lite version, you can edit all Microsoft Office documents on PC/Mac; Word, Excel or PowerPoint. The great OwnCloud alternative comes with a free 5GB storage space. Business version of Onedrive makes file sharing much easier between the employees while protecting office data.



Mega, a cloud-based file hosting service, provides 50 GB of free storage and 10 GB free bandwidth for file-sharing with every account. The application supports file-sync options with high end-to-end encryption. These features undoubtedly make MEGA one of the best Owncloud alternatives.



Syncthing, a cloud service claims to be trustworthy, open and de-centralized. Meaning, your data is not stored in any public server, you choose where your data is stored. The user decides the storage place, sharing options with third party and data transmission. There is no central server and your data is stored on your computers. Your files are totally Private, Encrypted and Authenticated in this 2017’s best Owncloud alternatives.

Today, Cloud-services have become very essential owing to much un-anticipated computer crashes and other data-mishaps. It is very important to have instances or copies of your files secured. There are many options available to choose from, you just need to keep two things in mind while choosing Cloud storage services; Data Storage Space and Data Security.