Best Cloud Storage 2017 Competitors to OwnCloud

OwnCloud is a cloud storage application that offers its users to store, share, and sync your files across all your devices. OwnCloud is popular among its peers in that it offers security, through offering you the ownership of a part of the cloud. Using OwnCloud you can even sync all of your contacts and calendars across all your devices. Let us look at some of the best OwnCloud alternatives 2017:


The best OwnCloud alternatives undoubtedly is the Dropbox, for its familiarity among the internet users and high usage. However, the only drawback compared to OwnCloud is that the lack of privacy and security for your stored files on the cloud.

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Resilio (Formerly BitTorrent Sync)

This file synchronization tool works just like and is a OwnCloud alternatives. Using a modified version of BitTorrent protocol, the tool syncs all your files between devices on a local network or between remote devices through the internet.

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This OwnCloud alternatives is enterprise file sync and share solution for the businesses and individuals to keep your data collaborated both inside and outside your organisation. Through this tool, you can manage the team members that share the stored files on the cloud and also can manage their permissions.

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Yet another OwnCloud alternatives and the difference between the two lies in that using Pydio application the user will have a more amazing experience with a nicer user interface available in the app. Moreover, the users can develop their own plugins for themselves to be used in the application according to their business or personal needs.

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This OwnCloud alternatives is best used in document storing and sharing. This means that it is particularly developed for document sharing and storing in the cloud. The app also features storing the modified versions of all the documents, and so, if at any time the need arises for an older version of the file, the app will have it for you on the cloud.

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This ownlcoud alternatives features reliable file syncing, drive client that can be used while offline, built in file encryption for the security of your files on the cloud, high performance of the cloud promised with the C programming development, and is also an enterprise ready application.

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This cloud sharing application offers to its user’s security and privacy through encryption and authentication, and keeps an open disclosure, and is open source, and has an open protocol in developing its services. With a web graphical user interface, being portable, simple and powerful, the application is very easy to use.

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Synology’s CloudStation is another cloud sharing application that delivers intelligently engineered and reliable data storage platform, a secure and private cloud for accessing your mail service, where you can organize, collaborate and present your information securely, and finally a cost effective way for large deployments.

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This is the most well known OwnCloud alternatives that supports end to end encryption for your files stored on the cloud. SpiderOak also features encrypted group chats, file sharing and back-ups for teams and businesses.

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Google Drive

This absolutely free service from Google offers not only file sharing options for your requirements, but even has the ability to edit your documents on the online without even the need for downloading them from the cloud.