Best Outlook Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Outlook 2017: Outlook by Microsoft is a personal information manager, which is most often used by many people as an email client. Other services that are included in this application are calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal and web browsing. This application is available to download on mobile applications also and is completely free to use.


Gmail Alternatives


This outlook alternatives is a simple and complete solution for your mail requirements. The other features that are included in this tool are multi accounts, unlimited mail account, supported for 17 languages, task management integration, can be integrated with other mail apps, several customization options, and fast and complete support service.

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eM Client

This outlook alternatives is available for free as basic version, and the user has to pay some amount if he wants to upgrade the tool to premium version. After the 30 day free trial use of complete version, the user has the option to use the basic version for free.

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Windows 10 or 8 Mail

The default mail app is an amazing outlook alternatives for the windows users, just like the mail app on Mac devices. Using this tool, the users can even import or export their mails to another mail app. The app supports iCloud, Exchange, POP/IMAP and Office 365.

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Using this outlook alternatives, the users can avail features like advanced search of mails, segregate your mailboxes, custom tagging of the mails for easy identification, and it also offers privacy and security. Any email account can be accessed to use this email client.

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Thunderbird by Mozilla is another outlook alternatives which will feature the Mozilla style email client. Using this mail client, the users can avail features such as redirecting mail, spam filtering, contact management, adding emojis to your mails and also auto replies.

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Using this email client, the users can avail features such as linking to both IMAP and a POP email account, compatible to integration of calendars, layout customization, task management apps, messaging apps, and also is speedy and has a great friendly user interface.

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Claws Mail

This email client has features such as quick response, easy to use interface, easy configuration, intuitive operation, abundant features, lot of extensions, and is a robust and stable application. It also has several functionalities that include RSS aggregator, calendar, and even LED handling.

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This email client is a perfect all in one solution for all your office communication needs. The app features HTML editor, browser, email and also a chat client. The app can be used to through multiple email clients and manage them easily.

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Opera Mail

This email client is lightweight, easily customizable, that has features like reading, labeling, and filtering of messages depending on your needs. This is a more efficient mail that features tabs, sorting messages, and easily accesses your favorites.

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This is a free email and groupware program that is most popularly used on Linux servers, and has features that include organizing contacts, meetings, tasks, and memos. The email client supports collaboration servers and also the Microsoft Exchange Server.