Best Online Video Editors 2017

Top Online Video Editors: With the advancement in the internet technology, a number of tools have come up in the market. A number of video sites are encouraging the enthusiasts to start their own video channels. In such a scenario, all you need is a perfect video editor to edit your videos and add effects to them. So, before viewing the list of some of the best video editors, let us know a little more about them.

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What is an Online Video Editor?

A video editor is a tool capable of providing video editing capabilities to the user. Similarly, with the online video editor you can edit your videos online and can also add effects, text, and other content to your video. Go through the list of some of the best online video editors of 2017.

YouTube Editor

YouTube EditorYouTube is one of the largest video websites throughout the world. Most of the people, who do not own a video site, definitely own a YouTube channel. YouTube also provides an online video editor providing you capabilities to edit your video online. Some of the greatest features its video editor include are combining multiple videos, trimming, adding music from soundtrack library, blurring tools, and other special effects. You can also combine some of the videos that are under the Creative Common License to your own videos.

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Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is another great video editor by Wondershare that provides you more complex capabilities to edit your videos online as well as offline. This professional software lets you edit videos clips, add the text, and add special effects similar to that of home movies. It is very similar to YouTube editor but provides more capabilities and features than it.

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shotclipShotclip is one of the best applications for the beginners who are just into video editing field. A user can easily edit the videos with their online website or mobile application in just 3 simple steps. When a user uploads the video to Shotclip, it is broken into images and all this happens through a guided template format. The user can then tell the story image by image in a sequential manner.

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This online video editing application comes with an advanced File Manager which lets you upload and download the videos from the websites apart from their own. You can upload the videos from DailyMotion, Vimeo, YouTube, and other video hosting sites. Some of the great features of this video editor include cropping, watermarks, demux, merging, and handling the code subtitles. You can upload the video up to 600MBs in size. You also have a feature to record the video from videocasts and webcam.

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This is another stunning online video editor that is simple to use and provides a white labeled video toolbox so that you can customize the videos afterward. You can add the features like transitions, sound effects, frames, text, video, and much more to your videos. It is an award-winning online video editing software.

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