Best Online Presentation Tools 2017

Top Online Presentation Tools: Undoubtedly, presentation is an important part of business and education these days. It is a crucial part of communication that helps in explaining an idea to a group of people and powerful tool to increase involvement of more people with the help of different animations, slides, hyperlinks and graphic designs. Say goodbye to Microsoft PowerPoint as there are many other presentation tools available to make use of powerful impact during next presentation in office, college or school.

What are Online Presentation Tools?

Online presentation tools help in displaying information in the form of graphics and slideshow formats. There are three main important elements of online presentation tool: Text Editor, Import Functions, Presentation or slideshow mode. It helps in typing your content, add graphics and collect them together into a specific layout or format accordingly.



It is a powerful presentation software and ideal for those who venture into the field of marketing and business. If you have created the startup and looking to create a sleek presentation for funding then you can use this software. It is also a useful tool to improve sales pitch with attractive graphics and visuals. It is one of the best-known presentation software that lets you design slides automatically and add or create content professionally free of cost.

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KeynoteHaving rich images and graphics in your presentation is extremely important and keynote is one of the leading software used as a graphic rich presentation tool especially in MAC computers. The tool is ideal for creating group presentations and has 30 themes to choose designed to improvise your content with the use of graphics elegantly. The tool can also be used to tweak your content with the help of highlighting tools.

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VismeIt is another great way to bring visual to your life with the amazing browser based tool. It is a simple way to create different type of visuals such as Graphs, charts, mobile, web animations, infographics, product demos and banner ads. The website of Visme is having a tutorial video that explains you about how the product works. Visme is one of the easiest tools for presentation especially for web developers, marketers and business purposes.

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Google Slides

Google SlidesIt works seamlessly with other Google apps such as Google docs, drive and sheets. Google slide works similar to that of PowerPoint but performs many functions. It has different tools to make your presentation look visually informative and stunning. Although Google Slides had limited features compared to other presentation tools such as PowerPoint and it is quite familiar to use especially for those who are used to Microsoft Suite and lets you save your presentation in PPT or pdf format.

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CanvaPerhaps one of the easiest gets started to process and registration enable you to use this great piece of software for delivering high-quality content at a fast pace. You can download the content in the form of PDF which means that you can easily send this document across in a professional manner. It is also quite interactive compared to other software.

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