Best OneNote Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to OneNote 2017: OneNote is the digital notebook application which provides the people one place to pleat notes and the information. It offers communal notebooks, syncing between many computers and the devices via Windows Live online storage, and also optical character recognition (OCR) for getting a text from the pictures, business cards, etc. some of the alternatives are as follows:


This OneNote alternative is a cross-platform, freemium app which is designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving. The app allows users to create a “note” which can have a piece of formatted text, and a full webpage or webpage excerpt, also the photograph, a voice memo, or even a handwritten “ink” note.

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Google Keep

This OneNote alternative is a service that is provided by Google which assimilates note-taking and web surfing. It quickly captures what’s in your mind and then recalls it easily wherever you want. It also creates a checklist, and enter a voice note or can take a photo and interpret it.

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The Laverna is the web application which is written in JavaScript. It’s made to be one of open source alternatives to the Evernote. Laverna stores all the notes in indexedDB and has personal settings in a local storage. It manage your notes even when you’re offline

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This OneNote alternative is very easy way to keep the notes, lists, ideas, and much more. Your simple notes stay get updated across all your devices. No, any buttons are there to press. It simply just works. Your notes are also backed up when you even change them.

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Google Docs

The Google Docs is an online word processor, also part of Google Drive that lets you generate and format all the text documents and it collaborates with the other people in real time.

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WPS Office

This OneNote alternative provides you with the three powerful applications known as WRITER, SPREADSHEETS, PRESENTATIONriter, and PDF implement. It is highly well-matched with MS Office while exclusive Sponsored Access design on Windows PC. It is available on the Windows English, French, Portuguese, Polish and also Russian.

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This OneNote alternative is the free and an open-source office suite that is well-matched with other major office collections, and it is available on the operating systems. It is one of self-sufficiently-established version.

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The ONLYOFFICE  is also an open-source office suite which combines text, spreadsheet and presentation editors, it distributed under AGPL license v3. You can also download and even use them for home, government, and an educational as well as commercial purposes without any restriction.

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This OneNote alternative has bought the concept of a wiki to your computer. It store information, also link pages and edit with the WYSISYG markup or it directly type some lightweight markup syntax and then see it previewed that you type.

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The TagSpaces is the open source used for personal data manager. It can help you to organise and browse the files on every platform. It will organise your photos, ebooks, your music, recipes or many invoices in the same manner on nearly every platform.