Best OmniFocus Alternatives 2017

OmniFocus, a task managing solution, works on iOS devices helping you store and organize tasks using audio video and PDF files. The app can be synchronized with other devices for flexibility. OmniFocus saves time by retrieving data from mailbox, browser and messages. There are a few drawbacks like; the software does not allow online file storage and it does not support document version control or collaboration. The app costs $39.99 for the basic version and $79.99 for professional version. There are a few great OmniFocus alternatives that have better features. Let’s explore the options available in the market.


Wrike, a project management software, helps manage and lead projects successfully. As the projects can be made visible to all the team members it is easy to manage workload, time, reports and more. Wrike lets users track assignments, deadlines, real time updates, feedback, create task dependencies, add milestones and view complete project overview. They offer a free version and paid versions of the software that comes with customer support. With all the innovative features the app is one of the best OmniFocus alternatives.



Mavenlink, founded in 2008, provides services for advanced project management, resource allocation, task collaboration, professional services and work management. The cloud-based software uses a shared work-space for easy centralized business approach. It integrates Google Apps and Scribd for smooth file sharing.



Zoho Projects, a reputed web based project management software, provides team members a secure environment for work. It has a task management tool that lets the users organize and manage tasks to ensure timely completion of projects. The billing tool keeps track of the resources and time that is put into a task. The project reports can be displayed using Gantt charts and members can interact through online-chat option. The app has a project-wiki and integrates with Google Apps, Github or Dropbox.


Vorex Project Management Suite  

Vorex Project Management Suite,  a complete project management solution, supports company’s project management, customer relationship and invoicing management. It can also keep track of client-billing, schedule automatic payments/ invoices and secure bills. The best OmniFocus alternatives, also supports CRM tool and cloud services. It has limitations like it cannot integrate with third party tools and it comes in only one language, English.


Replicon Project and Program Management  

Replicon Project and Program Management (PPM), a cloud-based project management software solution; optimizes resources, helps delivery of projects on time and increases a company’s visibility, thereby, helping them to track project requirements and costs. It ensures proper resource management, task assignment to the employees and monitors to stay within the allocated budget. The up to-date comprehensive cost records drive the companies to achieve their set-goals by increasing performance. The Replicon has free trial with live demo/ webinars options on the software-usage. There is a detailed focus on all the on-going projects and programs.


Choosing the best tool depends on your individual needs and requirements. All the listed Best 2017 OmniFocus alternatives are great, but the key is to choose the right one for you! There are some factors that affect a decision in choosing the right task management tool; Synchronization, Easy usage/ inputs, organized easily, Visibility and Flexibility.