Best Offline Travel Apps for iPhone 7 2017

iPhone 7 Offline Travel Apps: Smartphone apps can be beneficial both before you leave and while you’re traveling. Most smartphones are preloaded with apps that can be of use during a trip (such as an alarm clock, calculator, compass, weather, and so on). But you can considerably extend your device’s usefulness by installing additional tools, such as translators, restaurant reviews, and transportation apps.

With the help of these apps, one need not have to deal with difficult or disturbing situations, and can organize their travel to have experiences of their life. In order to increase help for iPhone users, we recommend some apps which can be immediately installed from the app store to make your travel convenient.


Tripit App for iPhone 7

Let’s begin with Tripit, a true lifesaver s. The app gets your email confirmations for flights, car rental, accommodation and more, and converts them into a complete trip plan. If you’ve got an internet connection you get a local map and a few other extra things, but the central features serves you offline as long as you’ve synced your latest plan with the app at some point of time.

Download Tripit from the app store

XE Currency

XE Currency App for iPhone 7

There are many currency exchange apps out there in the iPhone market, but XE Currency is one of the easiest and reliable. One can simply download and install the app and add all of the currencies they think might be of use. Rates are renewed whenever you’ve got a working Internet connection, and you can promptly convert between your liked currency and all of the extras on a single screen. One of the best things about the app is it works offline.

Download XE Currency from the app store

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle App for iPhone 7

The much-emulated star of the e-Readers, Amazon’s Kindle is a very useful friend during any trip. When you have to kill time at the airport or rest on a far-flung beach having something nice to read is the best thing to have by your side. Once you’ve got this app, just sign in with your Amazon details account or create a new one, then head to kindle mobile store to download any books of your like. Once you have this app you can enjoy reading and having a relaxed trip.

Download Amazon Kindle from the app store


Evernote for iPhone 7

Seldom do you need anything lavish, just an unadorned little app to take notes of what’s going on. Evernote is the app that your iPhone is looking for. It lets you type some text or take pictures that you can and make a note of the same. It will sync your notes with a primary server when you do get an internet connection, so you’re in no risk of losing all those creative thoughts when you drop your phone in the bathroom or lose it anywhere.

Download Evernote from the app store


Yandex.Translate App for iPhone 7

Heading somewhere to a place whose language you are not aware can certainly be a lot daunting. The best way you can save yourself is to download an amazing translation app from the app store and use it to communicate in the country you are travelling. Yandex.Translate app for iOS devices is the perfect translator app for the travellers. It translates different languages into English in real time with no need for an internet connection.

Download Yandex.Translate from the app store