Best Notepad++ Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Notepaad++ 2017: Notepaad++ is a free source code editor that supports multiple programming languages which is written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL ensuring a higher execution speed and smaller program size. The editing features also include tabbed view, syntax highlighting, and many other more. Now let us look at some of the best Notepad++ alternatives available:

VIM Editor

This Notepad++ alternatives is a free application for windows and has all the features that you require in a text editor. The syntax highlighter that supports multiple programming languages can be used for programming using VIM editor. Operations like open, close and new etc. can also be performed using different commands available.

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This Notepad++ alternatives is developed by Adobe Systems and has unique interface when compared to other text editors. Multiple files can be opened in this application and can be viewed in the sidebar. This is another alternatives for notepad++ that has made to this list.

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Similar to stock text editor for windows, this interface is quite similar to Notepad but there are some additional features available in this app. This app also has UTF-8 support and also includes features like syntax highlighting, tabbed view, auto spell checker and many other more.

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This text editor has many features installed in it and also has a very user friendly interface that makes it much better when compared to other text editing apps. The ease of use in this app is offered because it is well organized.

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This Notepad++ alternatives is for Windows but appears to be clumsy when the app is opened for the first time. Only a well-trained person can easily go through this app and make it work. It also features project creation system that can be used to open multiple files and work along with them.

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This free app is available for Windows operating system and comes with many good features that include pane splitting, focusing on particular pane and such many others. But this app does not feature syntax highlighting which is a drawback for this app.

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Sublime Text

This app is best for particularly the web developers who are looking for a cross platform text editor and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. The many premium features included in this app are distraction free mode, instant project switch, split editing, plugin API and such many more.

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EditPad Lite

This app is best for those who are looking for particularly a light weight app that consumes only a fewer resources but produces more. The best feature of this app that many users have admired is the save all option using which the progress on the multiple opened files can be automatically saved at one time.

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This app has a simple user interface and also has a lot of amazing features that include wrap text, move to split documents, focus on them and use the split view. For those who like to work with shortcuts, the app offers many shortcuts.

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Developed in .Net framework, this app has an amazing interface and is very easy to use. This is also free open source editor software.