Best Note taking Apps for MAC 2017

macOS sierra Note taking Apps: Staying perfect and organized is becoming a rare aspect these days and if you want to be one, then you need to have a good note taking app. Right from organizing your thoughts to put a grocery list a good note taking app plays a vital role in our lives.

A note helps us in many ways. We can pin it adjacent to our office tables or right opposite to us on our walls or in our desktops as sticky notes, their usages are varied. Whether we are a home-maker or a professional or a student, a note taking app is mandatory in our daily lives in order to stay organized and be efficient. Insert a meeting remainder or a shopping, a to-do list there is always a score of things to be done and for iMac, there are plenty of options. So, let us now look at the list of note taking apps that make us so punctual and efficient.



Evernote is one of the note taking apps and is a free form note like a champ which makes you upload images, put checklists, compiled a bevy of tasks and synchronization is possible. It is available for free in iStore and as far as the UI goes, the app can either be used as a notebook or notes taking app. You can create as many notes as possible and file it under the same tag.

Download Evernote for Mac



As the name itself suggests, you are given a blank page and you can start creating notes in it. Create many notes and file it under the same tag and a search system is also available for you to search the notes for the particular tag.

Download Simplenote for Mac



A notes taking an app that allows you to take the notes in the rich text format, instead of inserting as a plain text. If you insert a task, it does the double task of monitoring the task and also sends you a reminder on that particular date. This app is available for free in the iMac store and you can synchronize your tasks among numerous iMac and iCloud services and is touted to be one of the best apps when you consider it as a note taking app.

Download Notesuite for Mac



As the name suggests, you can be a writer or a student or just a home staying person, you can take notes or create some paragraphs with a stunning interface. The UI is simplistic and you can create as many notes as you can.

Download Write for Mac



Letterspace is another app for making notes that are available for free in iStore. By installing the app, you get a simple interface that doesn’t distract you with its colorful background and is much simpler to use. Create notes, save them sit back and relax.

Download Letterspace for Mac