Best Network Monitoring Software 2017

Top Network Monitoring Software: A network is a set of many networks, or in another way if we say, a network is used by many people at one time for the different purposes, and due to this, a network gets busy and can face many issues such as slow down, failure, failing of components etc. So here you need to know about some network monitoring software 2017, by which you will be able to handle the network very nicely and can remove the errors easily. Although you can get many other network monitoring software from various sources but here you will get the top 5 and the best software for your better experience.

The top 5 Network Monitoring Software are:

Microsoft Network Monitor


This is most popular and famous network monitoring software and one of the best. As it has designed by the Microsoft so credibility is expected. It is a packet analyzer which makes you able to perform the tasks of analyzing and capturing the traffic of the network. This tool is better to troubleshoot the network errors.

Download Microsoft Network Monitor


Nagios is the most powerful network monitoring software that provides you the information about the services, applications and the critical systems, either they are running or not. It also makes you aware about reporting, handling and alerting by few of its features.The best thing about this software is, it is completely a freeware. Just download it and start using it.

Download Nagios


One of the best network monitoring software which comes with many unique features. It serves you by the alerting, notifications and alarm features. It is better in troubleshooting the errors of thenetwork with very fast access. You can take snapshots by its own features. It has a very simple user interface and easy to understand functionally.

Download OpenNMS

Capsa Freecapsa-free

Capsa Free, as the name is suggesting, it is a free network monitoring software. This software allows you to perform the tasks of analyzing the network, control and handle the network traffic, analyze the network issues and packets. It has a feature to support protocols around 300. A bunch of its tabs and functions give you the access to manage the network.

Download Capsa Free


It is the best tool for web debugging which is able enough to catch the HTTP traffic between the internet and the selected computer. It makes you able to control the incoming and outgoing data to analyze all responses and requests on the network.

Download Fiddler                                                                                 

All this network monitoring software have their own features and qualities. All the information is provided about the network monitoring software is based on the different need and purposes. The user can select network monitoring software as per demand and desire of job. All versions are free. Enjoy the freeware, download and start using it.