Best Nagios Alternatives 2017

Nagios is a highly popular free server management tool. It offers monitoring of servers and a central view of infrastructure. However, it is quite difficult to deploy and has tremendous complexity. Moreover, Nagios is not a tool which can be used on cloud or a dynamic environment. Although Nagios is free, it is not the only free solution available. Here, we have presented Nagios alternatives which offer server monitoring tools for a single server as well as enterprise-level.



Zabbix is a free server management tool with commercial support options. It has a lot of legacy components as well as new features. It is an improvement over Nagios and can be considered. Zabbix has flexibility over Nagios and other tools. It is simple to configure and offers easy administration.

Sensu Core


Sensu Core is an open source server management solution. It can monitor servers, services, applications, containers etc. It is a comprehensive platform for business users developed as an aging Nagios Alternatives. It can work with automation tools as well and has several features like executing checks, sending notifications etc.



Spiceworks is a free Windows based application with network management tools. It allows users to manage running tasks remotely, check virtual server information, cloud services, and create a helpdesk ticketing system and many more features. If you are running a small or medium business this Nagios Alternative is perfect for your needs.

vRealize Hyperic


vRealize Hyperic is a tool provided by VMWare for monitoring physical and cloud servers. It doesn’t have as many features as Nagios but it is still an awesome tool. It can discover servers automatically, generate database among many other features. It offers ease of use as well as reliable performance.



Groundwork offers less flexibility but easy deployment for server monitoring. It can be deployed on cloud and offers server, application, cloud and virtual monitoring. It is free for monitoring up to 50 servers and there’s a paid version as well offering support for more devices.



Shinken is an open source network monitoring software compatible with Nagios. It can be run on platforms where Python interpreter is available. It has high scalability as its components can be distributed over a while server. It has specialized processes in contrast to Nagios, which is based on single process design. And if you are switching from Nagios, you can also keep the configurations, plugins and utilize them in Shinken.

Zenoss Core


Zenoss is a unique and interesting Nagios Alternatives which brings a new approach to server monitoring. Here, the assets can be grouped in a logical or physical manner so that they can be mapped to locations, system administrators etc. It has a web interface which can be auto-filled and doesn’t require an in depth knowledge. It provides a reporting component as well.



Another Nagios Alternatives, Icinga is often compared with Nagios as its open source. It includes a web interface, search compatibility and awesome enterprise integration. The only downside is its complex reporting capability, which can be worked out. It is worth checking out!

These are one of the best Nagios Alternatives available as open source applications or paid options. So choose any option and manage your IT infrastructure better.