Best MySQL Workbench Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to MySQL Workbench 2017: MySQL Workbench is an incorporated visual tool for database designers, inventors, and DBAs. MySQL Workbench offers data modelling, SQL improvement, and comprehensive management tools for server configuration, user management, and much more. MySQL Workbench is accessible on Windows, Linux, as well as on Mac OS. Some of the alternatives are as follows:


This MySQL Workbench alternative is a tool inscribed in PHP proposed to handle the direction of MySQL over the Web. Presently, it can generate and drop databases, create, drop or alter tables, and delete, edit or add parks, implement any SQL statement, achieve keys on fields.

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This MySQL Workbench alternative is a beneficial tool intended for web developers exhausting the prevalent MySQL server, Microsoft SQL databases as well as PostgreSQL. It allows you to browse and manage data, create and correct tables, views, actions, triggers and arranged events. Also, you can spread structure and data also to SQL file, clipboard or to further servers.

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DBeaver – Universal Database Director and SQL Client. DBeaver is permitted and open source (GPL) entire database tool for designers and database administrators. It is established on open source structure and allows lettering of various extensions. It provisions any database consuming a JDBC driver. It may switch any external data cause which may or may not consume a JDBC driver.

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This MySQL Workbench alternative Navicat syndicates functions of additional Navicat products and cares most of the sorts used in modern database administration systems, such as Deposited Procedures, Events, Causes, Functions, Views, etc. Navicat allows you to efficiently transmission data across several database systems or to simple text files with SQL setup and encoding.

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Valentina Studio

This MySQL Workbench alternative is a permitted multi-connection Database Administration tool that permits you to attach to SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Valentina Server as well as MySQL and exertion with local database records of Valentina DB and SQLite. It may simply learn and achieve linked accounts of two tables.

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DataGrip is database IDE after Jet Brains that is designed to suit specific wants of professional SQL inventors and DBAs. Permits you to execute queries in dissimilar modes and offers a local history that saves a track of all your action and protects you from trailing your work.

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Toad for MySQL

Toad for MySQL is a freeware improvement tool that allows you to quickly and proficiently create and perform queries, automate database object administration, and develop SQL code. Toad MySQL delivers utilities to compare, excerpt, and search for articles.

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This MySQL Workbench alternative is the worldwide database tool for inventors, DBAs, and predictors. It is the impeccable solution since the similar tool can be used on all main operating systems retrieving a wide range of files.

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DbForge Studio for MySQL

DbForge Studio for MySQL is the collective MySQL and Maria DB front-end customer for database administration, administration, and growth. DbForge Studio for MySQL now mechanism with any Maria DB database servers, as well as provisions all Maria DB objects forms.

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Squirrel SQL

Squirrel SQL is an open source Java SQL Customer program that will permit you to view the erection of a JDBC amenable database, browse the data in slabs, issue SQL instructions etc. It’s conceivable to update the data on Squirrel SQL or description it as discontinued, replicated or spam.