Best Multiplayer Games for MAC 2017

Top Multiplayer Games for your MAC: A MAC is an expensive choice for gaming purposes. However, the advent of high quantity and even better quality games have made the MAC a very popular choice for a gamer and there is no dearth of MAC fan boys who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest contraption.

When we talk about multiplayer, it means exactly what it sounds – number of players either in different locations and connected via the internet to play against each other in the same game, same environment or number of players in the same location playing together in the same environment of the same game. The goal is to achieve either partnership or competition which leads to the realistic nature of interaction in a game. Multiplayer games are the rage now.

We are listing down the most talked about and noticeable game releases for 2017. Every year the list of games is growing and 2017 is not an exception.

Here is the lowdown on the next year’s releases.


Battle Tech

An offering from the studios of Harebrained Schemes, it is an upcoming strategy and role-playing set in science fiction. The new version coming after twenty years will feature modern combat, PVP multiplayer and story driven, Mercenaries style campaign which is set in 3025 era of the BattleTech universe. The game allows you to be a mercenary commander leader controlling a Mech. The world of BattleTech has warring nobles of royal bloodlines.

Download BattleTech for MAC

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen


Developed by Visionary Realms, a new development studio, the game is an open-world, high fantasy, Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) opportunity role playing the game. The aim of the creators is to present an MMO giving serious group challenges in an expansive, unpredictable and dynamic world. The game is aimed at true gamers at heart with a not so easy progression in the game. The company is betting on the feeling of gratification for the true gamer with game play social bonds created with interaction in a shared experience and facing difficulties of in-game economics.

Download Pantheon for MAC

Copper Dreams

Copper Dreams

Whalenought Studios present this cyber-punk, cyber-tactical game which explores the places the mega – corporations have built on the ground and left them as decaying crime-ridden slums. The game explores the island colony of Calitana, left to degrade and infested with crime and food scarcity. The game is reminiscent of 80’s Science Fiction and gives an ambiance of dark rooftops, grimy streets where the player –an agent of Asset Inquiries engages in acts of incursion and espionage.

Download Copper Dreams for MAC

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night


The series producer Koji Igarashi, created this game after his departure from Konami, on being inundated with fan requests to create another Metroidvania-type game. The game is produced by Inti Creates and has become the highest crowd-funded video game with $5.5 million backing from game lovers.

The game’s protagonist is Miriam, an orphan affected by an alchemist’s curse which is slowly turning her skin into the crystal. The crystal is used to create new age weapons of choice and the game is presented in three-dimensional graphics with movement restricted to a 2D system.

The game is publicized under the aegis of, its funding partner.

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The game is based on inter-galactic gun power with first person action. The game is touted as the next evolution in hybrid game play. It is controlled combat in a combination of FPS and RTS. It allows real time strategy with a game task of building bases with planned blueprints.

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