Best MongoDB Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to MongoDB 2017: MongoDB is an accessible, extraordinary performance, and also open source NoSQL database. This database is called as document-oriented as it manages the collections of JSON corresponding documents. Many such applications can also model data in a quite natural way, as the data can be nested in complex orders and still be enquiry-able and also indexable. Some of the alternatives are as follows:


MySQL Community Edition

This MongoDB alternative is a free version to download and world’s most prevalent open source database which is maintained by an active communal of open source designers and enthusiasts. The MySQL Community Edition is the platform with more than 25 apps. You can browse all the apps for MySQL Community Edition.

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The SQLite is a software collection that tools a self-contained, serveries, zero-alignment, transactional SQL database appliance. SQLite is one of most widely installed SQL database tool in the world. The source code for the SQLite is in the community domain.

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This MongoDB alternative is the influential open source on a system of the object-relational database. It has even more than 15 years of the active development and also a proven design that has produced it a strong standing for the reliability, its data integrity, and the correctness. It does run on all of major operating systems that include Linux, UNIX, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, and Windows too.

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This MongoDB alternative is a backwards companionable, drop-in the replacement of the server of MySQL Database. It comprises of all major open source storing engines. The source code for the MariaDB alternatives is publicly accessible from Launchpad. Also, binaries, as well as packages, are available too.

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The Redis are one with an open-source, schmoozed, in-memory, and key-value data store with an optional strength. It is quite often denoted to as the data structure that server when the keys are able to contain strings, hashes, and lists, sets and also sorted sets.

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The CouchDB is a spread over, fault-accepting and also schema-free the document-oriented database which is accessible via a RESTful HTTP or JSON API. It embraces incremental map or reduces the mechanics for queries and it keeps data safe with an attach data store.

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Microsoft SQL Server

This MongoDB alternative delivers on the Microsoft’s Data Platform visualization by helping the organization and manages your data by permitting you to store the data from structured, partial-structured, and also unstructured documents within the database.It can accomplish up to 10 GB of the data.

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This MongoDB alternative pushes the JSON to your apps in a real-time.When the app censuses for data, it becomes very slow and awkward to maintain. RethinkDB is an open-source, ascendable database which makes building real-time apps intensely easier.

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Apache Cassandra

This MongoDB alternative has become one of leading NoSQL platform that drives many of present modern occupational applications by proposing continuous availability, very high scalability and presentation, the strong security, and also operational simplicity.

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The Couchbase is the NoSQL database marketplace share the leader, with the production placements at AOL,, also Turner Broadcasting Systems, Zynga and many such hundreds of many other organizations. Couchbase enables more flexibility, high-performance, and it is a cost-effective approach.