Best Mint Alternatives 2017

With 15 million users in a short span, is a great budgeting software for users who want a flexible tool. Mint helps you monitor where your money goes and to successfully plan your budget. It alerts you when you over-spend, keeps track of all expenses/ investments/ your net income and auto-pays bills, if opted. Though Mint was one of the pioneer applications for budgeting, it had a few drawbacks like; Unclear Transaction Categories, Data synchronization limitations, Suggested service ads, Poor Investment feature, Reports and Customer Service, Security not up to the mark and No running register. There are many new budgeting sites that emerged after Mint. We list a few Best Mint Alternatives in 2017.


CountAbout addresses some aspects that fails. The major ones being “Running Register Balance” and letting users “Import data from Quicken”. The features include; Maintaining detailed track of budgeting and expenses, Customization of Saving/ Spending, Searches and Reports, Customization of Saving/ Spending, Searches and Reports, Automatic Transaction download, running Register Balances detailed listing, Ad-free with no hidden charges and upgrade requests and Easy import of Quicken/ Mint data.


You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget (YNAB), is another Mint alternatives that is safer option as they don’t directly connect with your bank.  The application teaches users to manage their finance efficiently, thus, making the users more active on the website. YNAB helps to fulfill your financial goals by clearing debts and saving more. They offer regular free-webinars as well.

There are a few additional features;

Target Category Balance: YNAB allows you to set a small-term goal to save a specific amount.

Target Category Balance by Date: It automatically allocates an amount per month to save to achieve your Target Category Balance.

Monthly Funding Goal: This option lets you save a particular amount of money every month regardless of your set goals.


Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a great tool if you are in search of guidance regarding your investments. It generates bill reports and has enough budgeting tools to give you full support in managing your money. Personal Capital has some commendable features that make it one of the best Mint alternatives. Based on your major assets and debts it calculates the net worth. To analyze if you are paying too much, it checks on your investment account fees. The software keeps check on the amount of risks taken, runs investment checkup to boost your portfolio and displays some very important information like Cash flow and Bills on personal dashboard. The Retirement Planner feature of Personal Capital, helps you see if you are on target for retirement.

401(k) Fee Analyzer, a new feature again, analyzes how much you are going to lose on your retirement fee. Investment Checkup gives recommendations on asset investment that is for you, based on your risk analysis. The Asset Allocation Target deals with the Equity category and Upcoming Bills shows upcoming bills and their due dates are displayed. It also has Email Notifications and Mobile/ Android Apps that sends E-mail notifications daily, weekly or monthly depending on your choice. You can access your account from any of your android phones or devices.