Best Mailchimp Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Mailchimp to try in 2017, Having realized the need of our own email marketing solution, Mailchimp was obviously the simplest tool known to us for ages. Mailchimp is an online email marketing and automation solution through which the users control customers and also send marketing emails and pursue the various results of email campaigns. It provides functionality to assist users design, share and track marketing emails as well as view reports as well as subscriber activity.

The software also gives integration with various social networks such as Sales force, Event rite, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Shoplift and Survey Monkey. In addition, Mailchimp provides Apps for Android as well as iOS that lets customers take campaign updates and also to add subscribers and monitor social media trends from their different mobile devices.

While Mailchimp is a famous choice, having almost 10 million customers around the globe, other such alternatives may be a superior choice for meeting one’s marketing needs. Some of the worthy opponents are:



AWeber is a type of email solution for small business marketers that don’t have a lot of time to spend on their email marketing campaigns. Their plans of price start from $19/mo for up to 500 contacts. It is undoubtedly a great alternative to mailchimp.



GetResponse is a feature moneyed solution that is shown in the comparison graphic, and beginning at just cost $15 for a month, it’s actually one of the few solutions on this list that is much more reasonable than Mailchimp’s payable version.

Constant Contact


Constant Contact is one of the most famous Email marketing tool on the area of the web that provides feature wealthy services and instinctive interfaces for its users. The foremost thing about this marketing tool is the path by which it controls your contacts or customers.



If you are looking further then surely iContact is one great tool for more Email marketing tool alternatives to Mailchimp. It provides Email marketing solutions for little businesses as well as major enterprises alike.



SendInBlue is one of the best Email Marketing tools which contributes SMS campaigns in additional to the traditional Email marketing campaigns. Using SendInBlue, you can conduct anyone’s Email related accessories like Email marketing campaigns, Email Newsletters and also SMS Campaigns.

Active Campaign


Active Campaign is also one of the most vigorous ways to control any one’s Email marketing campaigns.  They provide an extremely flexible pricing plan for any business, from low to enterprise.



Emma is a current email marketing system that has a pricing model, starts at $49/month for 2500 subscribers. Not that much popular yet but it is gaining much popularity now thanks to its robust features. It can be considered as a well-deserved alternative to Mailchimp.


Freshmail is the finest solution for skilled email marketers who are always ready for a small bit of marketing automation action. Freshmail wobbles on the edge of the email marketing and marketing automated software.