Best MAC Cleaner 2017

macOS sierra Cleaner: A lot of people that assume that the Apple devices do not need an Antivirus software. The part of it is correct and the other part of it is wrong. Even apple Mac need regular clean-up and maintenance like the Windows OS. If you are looking to clean your mac from the virus manually it will be very cumbersome and time-consuming affair. Here we will highlight the 4 best Mac cleaners of the year 2017 that are very effective to control all the viruses that may affect your Mac.

MacClean 3


It is the best Mac cleaner available in the market. It works well with all Mac Desktops and Laptops. If you are a normal Mac user and want to clean your hard drive very quickly with the just click of a button then MacClean 3 is for you. It cleans all the junk files like system junk, user junk and the application junk with just a click of a button. It prevents any sort of internet attack on your PC. It helps remove harmful cookies from your computer effectively.

Download MacClean 3 for Mac

MacPaw CleanMyMac


As the name suggests, it helps in cleaning your Mac effectively without any hassle. You can install a free trial online to check its functionality. After that, you have to pay a nominal price in order to buy it. With the help of MacPaw CleanMyMac, you can perform all the basic operations of cleaning your system like cleaning junk files, remove old files, emptying the trash can on Mac.

Download MacPaw CleanMyMac for Mac

Detox My Mac


It is easy to use Mac software cleaner. It has been specifically designed to do the cleaning operations effectively. In order to test the quality of the antivirus for your Mac device you can install the antivirus for a 30 day free trial in your Mac desktop or laptop. It helps in cleaning the unused history files. It uses an advanced detection algorithm to detect and clean old files.

Download Detox My Mac for Mac



AppZapper is a very user-friendly tool to perform the cleaning and uninstalling operations. You can just drag and drop the application on the AppZapper to install or uninstall it. It keeps a track of the applications that you want to keep safe and provides constant updates on the antivirus activities needed to be done for your Mac. It is also able to find the extra files that are no longer required for your Mac.

Download AppZapper for Mac