Best MAC Calendar Apps of 2017

macOS sierra Calendar Apps: Each one of us has a bevy of days to remember. Right from the common religious days to kith and kin’s birthdays, wedding anniversaries and so on. So, a best calendar app that can give us an alarm about these days along with other usages will be extremely beneficial.

A handy calendar always has many usages for everyone. All we do commonly is to insert multitude of tasks in the days given so that a remainder will alert us with all the necessities, like how long does the task prolong, what is its importance and when does it end etc. So, before choosing the right calendar app it is necessary for us to consider some parameters, like, the ease of use, its aesthetic sense, its battery consumption and memory consumption, the ability to synchronize with various devices, whether it is available for free of cost or any in-app charges are applicable and much more. With these criteria in mind, we are now going to look into some of the best mac calendar apps.


Fantastical 2


Though the inbuilt calendar of Apple works well, it lacks an in-depth functionality which Fantastical 2 provide. It won the 2015 apple award for the best design. Adding new events is much more here and you can simply denote the events like ‘meeting-next day at 3 pm’ and fantastical takes care of the rest. It gently provides you a remainder and also sends another remainder in the form of a mail to another person with whom you are slated to have a meeting tomorrow. It is available at the rate of $50 and a 21-day free trial is also provided.

Download Fantastical 2 for Mac


Busy cal 2


Busy cal 2 is one of the oldest calendar apps that are available for mac and many features of the Fantastical 2 are also available here. You can synchronize it with many of the calDAV features and hence, you can use in it imac, icloud and so on. You can change the weeks and days grid and is best known for its simplicity. You can change the settings as you like and you can even set filters. It also provides a to-do list, weather of the day and much more add-ons and is priced at a rate of $50 but is worth every dime.

For those who are utterly satisfied with mac’s default calendar but only needs to have some extra features, these apps show the way.

Download Busy cal 2 for Mac




Blotter functions more like a widget. You can magnify your events of the day and keep it anywhere on the screen, so that you will not forget the event. You can keep the events of the whole week as your wallpaper and you can always adjust and reposition the size of your widget. This app is available in the mac store at a rate of $10. Blotter is more like an add-on version of the default calendar given in mac.

Download Blotter for Mac


Calendar 2


Calendar 2 is a free app available in the mac store that complements well with your default calendar. It has some good features in it. Like the app given above, it also is an add-on version of the default calendar only. The app is available for free and also for paid versions. It has numerous additional features which can be used to utilize to store important dates and events and create alerts accordingly and you can pen notes in the dates corresponding to the events and you can synchronize it across numerous dates.

Download Calendar 2 for Mac