Best LogMeIn Alternatives 2017

Alas! LogMeIn is now a paid application. The free version is gone but you don’t need to press the panic button. There are many remote access tools that can used free of cost. Whether you want to remotely access your computer for a document or collaborate with your colleagues or help your friend in fixing his computer. There are still many players out there. Here are a few LogMeIn alternatives you can consider to get back into the remote world.

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer doesn’t need any reference as it is being used since years. It is a multi-platform application which can be used for business or personal use. For virtual meetings, file transfer, chat services and even remote printing. It is reliable and easy to use.  Just download the program from the website and install it on the computers you want to connect.  It also allows remote control so that you can access your computer from anywhere. Other features include running multiple sessions in tabs, transferring files to remote desktop with just a click or even cut/paste between computers. For personal use it is free but for business usage it costs a one-time fee only of £439. Needless to say, TeamViewer is the best LogMeIn Alternatives, you can consider.


2. Windows Remote Desktop

Windows RDC  is a free and fast service which allows remote control over computers. Surprisingly, it is not just a Windows based app. There is a Mac version also through which you can access Apple products. Users can control their computers remotely, maintain Windows based servers. The only thing you need to do is edit registry. By editing windows registry you can control more than one computer. Once you have set it up, windows remote desktop is a cool LogMeIn alternatives.


3. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a free app, easy to install and setup. All you need is a chrome browser to access a computer. All the connections are secure. It can be used for connecting to Windows and Mac computers.


4. Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities is a free multi-platform application. It can be used to give users different modes to connect to remote computers. Some features involve viewing screens remotely, controlling the computer and transferring files. It is ideal for IT administrators for maintenance and administration of servers. The free version allows remote access for 10 computers.


5. is a free and paid app offering remote control of devices. Users can conduct meetings on their computer and allow others to join in. Once remote control is granted, users can send chats and files and even hold audio conferencing. However, is not suitable for users who need unattended remote control. So, technically it is not a good replacement for LogMeIn.


6. WebEx Free

WebEx is yet another tool suitable for remote control. The software needs to be installed on both the computers before beginning remote access. It allows sharing of files, messages. Also, webcam can be utilized for a one-to-one meeting.


Luckily there are plenty of good LogMeIn alternatives. Thanks to them, you won’t really feel the absence of LogMeIn. So try one right now and zoom into your remote world!