5 Best LMS Software 2017

Top LMS Software for 2017: E-learning is the best and modern way of learning. Nowadays E-learning is rapidly growing and become the industry of billion and it will be growing by time. Globally many other companies are going towards education and E-learning. Hence, this biggest and wide field of education and a huge strength of the people who want to learn, are demanding E-learning. Due to this requirement, the need of LMS (learning management systems) 2017 has increased. Here you will get the most popular, best and widely used LMS software with the downloading links.

The top five LMS Software are:

Matrix LMSmatrix-lms

Matrix LMS is the most popular and well-known LMS for the business. This LMS is famous for its very easy access and friendly user interface. It has very simple and understandable controls to use.  Entire features and the qualities of this software makes it a value for money product. Course making is very easy through the matrix and it makes an enjoyable learning program for the learners.

Download Matrix LMS

NEO LMSneo-lms

NEOLMS is an awarded and world class learning management system software. This LMS is basically adopted by the learning institutions. Schools and universities are widely using NEO-LMS. The interface of this software is not so much hard but little wide criteria of characteristic. NEO is able to build a bunch of great classes which learners will like a lot.

Download NEO LMS



Courseplay is one of the best and widely used learning management system software.It is basically a cloud based software which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. This is the training program which can train employees, students, vendors, businessmen and any other who has the requirement to learn. The interface of Courseplay is very friendly and easy.

Download Courseplay

Opigno LMSopigno

This is one of the best and popular LMS which is being used by an endless number of people. This LMS has a great working functionality and available for totally free.The user interface of this software is really easy and simple. It has a package of buttons with a different kind of content which you will see during the use of this product.  It is basically enterprise-ready,qualitative, scalable and Drupal-based LMS.

Download Opigno LMS


Moodle is another learning management system program which is available for free. One can use it without wasting a single penny. On the other hand, it is an online web based LMS which can be used from anywhere. It is very easy to use.

Download Moodle

The entire list of learning management programs is totally based on your needs and the requirement because all above software has their own qualities and working features. One can adopt a LMS software as per the need and the nature of the job.