Best Linux VoIP 2017

VoIP stands for voice over IP. The VoIP software enables the users to make voice conversations just like telephone over IP-based networks. A VoIP client services are relatively cheap in comparison to public phone services.

The Top Linux VOIP are

In addition, it also removes the geographical restrictions to telephone numbers. Similarly, many VoIP clients are available for Linux system as well and here we have listed some of the best Linux VoIP clients.


EkigaEkiga which is originally known as Gnome Meeting is an IM service that allows the users to connect with others by sending instant messages or making calls through a preconfigured SIP server. Ekiga also features a SIPs account system of its own that enables you to switch from another VoIP service easily. The easy and intuitive user interface of Ekiga includes only essential options throughout the chat windows, contact list, and initial menu options. It’s quite easy to navigate, contains basic text editing for a chat and displaying a systematically filtered list of contacts.

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LinphoneThis VoIP and video chat service allow you to connect with other SIPs server of your own choice just like a pure Softphone app. It is an amazing cross- platform VoIP client that makes it quite handy to use. It is quite simple and features different tabs for history, content, and dial phone to call actual number. There are few menu items but a huge variety of options is a plus point. Linphone offers more control to the user over how to connect with SIPs servers accompanied by the customizing parts of the interface.

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JitsiJitsi is a complete source for a chat and talk service that includes both IM and video chats to any other IM providers or services like XMPP. This client receives regular updates so features and services are added constantly to the service. One of the most advantageous features of Jitsi is that it can it can easily connect with Google Hangouts and Facebook also. It offers support for audio and video via XMPP that makes it quite flexible and reliable.

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QuteComThis VoIP client is a quite known softphone SIPs client that can easily handle all the functions of VoIP. QuteCom is designed keeping in mind the QT/KDE interface. It has one of the easiest and nicest interfaces in comparison to others. It is pretty easy to use, handy and works like a pro VoIP client. It offers various customizable options for the interface, calls and chat functions.

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