Best Linux Video Editors 2017

Best Video Editing Software for Linux 2017: It is a quite known fact that there is a wider variety of software tools available for Macs and windows in comparison to Linux. Although Linux operating system is gradually gaining popularity but it is still difficult to find some particular software.

The Top Video Editing Software Are

Most of us love to edit our videos and for this purpose, we need good video editing software. So, here is a list of some great video editing software for Linux based platforms so as to make it easier for you to find good video editing software.

Open Shot

Open ShotThis feature rich, cross platform video editing software is compatible with various audio and video formats. It includes many features like drag and drop, video transitions, 3D animated titles, speed variations, watermarks, amazing video effects, digital zooming and much more. You can also trim, resize, scale and cut your video as per your requirements.

Download OpenShot

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PitiviThis free of cost video editing software makes use of Gstreamer framework that allows importing, exporting and rendering of media. You can perform basic tasks like trimming, resizing, snapping, splitting, cutting and mixing. You can also link audio and video clips together to create a single clip. Once you get acquainted with this software you will be able to edit audio and video clips with great precision.

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BlenderBlender has got some great quality features that make it professional video editing software for many people. Its top- notched features include fast UV unwrapping, N-Gon support, automatic skinning, physically accurate shaders, grid and bridge fill, sculpting, tools for animation and much more.

Download Blender

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CinelerraSince its release in 2002, cinelerra has managed to attract millions of users. Cinelerra is one such video editing software which can be used by both beginners as well as pro users. Some of the great features of Cinelerra are dual- link, numerous effects, CMX complaint EDL functionality, deck control, inbuilt frame renderer, an unlimited amount of layers for audio editing, a professionally designed user interface and a lot more.

Download Cinelerra

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LightworksLightworks is great video editing software which is handy for pro as well. It comes in both free as well as paid versions and both the versions have got plenty of features. This cross-platform software has got many amazing features including batch import and export functionalities, drag and drop replace editing, frame accurate capture tool, trimming, transcode on import, replace, vimeo export,  a plethora of effects, wide container support and much more.

Download Lightworks