Best Linux NAS 2017

Best Linux NAS Systems 2017: Storing data is very important regardless of the operating system you use. NAS is one of the most popular ways to back up your important data. NAS (Network Storage Device) is basically a server that focuses on the data storage.

The Top Linux are

NAS is not only made for the data storage but is also used to hold the data on the basis of Subsonic, Plex, and Emby. Here is the list of some of the best NAS Linux distributions of the year.

Open Media Vault

Open Media VaultOpen Media Vault must be your first choice when you are building a NAS powered by the Linux. Your server would not choke on heavy load and will work well. You need not study completely about the Linux to get going with Open Media Vault. The easy to use web interface makes it simple for every user.

It also supports FTP, NFS, TFTP, and Samba/CIFS. Not only this, it also supports the plugins. You can search for these plugins in its Web UI. Some of the popular plugins include LDAP, Shairport, OwnCloud etc. It provides high-level support to all the users, Even a newbie can easily create a Linux powered NAS using it.

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RockStorIt is a powerful NAS distribution that is based on the CentOS and is powered by BTRFS. It supports the standard protocols as well like NFS, Samba/CIFS etc. Though it is available for free, but you need to pay some extra fee to receive the regular updates.

The users can select different plugins which are called by the name Rock-ons. Some of the most popular ones are BitTorrent Sync, Discourse, and OwnCloud among the others. It is a solid choice over Open Media Vault if you favor the CentOS.

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OpenFilerIt is another rock solution Linux NAS solution having a decent web management interface for booting. It is focused on professional and enterprise solution. It can deliver the most exceptional performances and is surely the best as compared to above two.

It supports the protocols like NFS, HTTP, and CIFS. It even supports LDAP, NIS. iSCSI, Snapshots, Active Directory, and many other features too. It is a powerful distro for the professionals looking to take full control over their data sharing its securely with other employees as well.

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